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Auction Date:   March 28, 2024 - 9:00 am
3030 360th St
  • Sioux Center
  • Sioux County
  • IA

Live/Online Consignment Auction

To Be Held At The Former Sioux Center, IA Airport!

2 Rings Will Be Running For A Majority Of The Day!


Auction Date: March 28, 2024 @9:00 A.M. SHARP –NOTE THE START TIME


Address: 3030 360th St., Sioux Center, IA








Items Consigned:


FWA Tractors: 2010 John Deere 7830 FWA Tractor—1 Owner–SN:1RW7830AVAA030445, shows 2569 hours, no DEF, 12 John Deere 47kg front suitcase weights, 420/85R30 front tires, 480/80R46 rear tires w/ duals, quick hitch, front fenders, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, 2 sets of rear wheel weights, power quad and auto quad transmission, joy stick that was never installed included, this tractor has had a new motor installed at approx 2500 hours done by Agri-vision in Sioux center, IA, this tractor has warranty on the new motor until November of 2024

Case IH 7150 FWA Tractor–shows 13,686 hours, approx 1800 hours on engine overhaul, 520/85R38 rear tires w/ factory duals, 18 front suitcase weights, power shift transmission

John Deere 7810 FWA Tractor–SN:RW7810P001148, shows 5,650 hours, 19 speed powershift, 14.9-30 front tires, front fenders, 20.8-38 rear tires, 1 set of rear wheel weights, 540 pto, 3pt, 2 remotes, heat/ac, radio, 6 John Deere 45kg front suitcase weights

John Deere 7800 FWA Tractor–Serial number plate is missing, shows 3875 hours, power quad transmission, 380/85R30 front tires, front fenders, 18.4R42 rear tires w/ duals, 10 John Deere 47kg front suitcase weights, 3pt, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, radio


2WD Tractors: 1998 John Deere 7810 2WD Diesel Tractor—1 Owner–SN:RW7810H014808, no shows 5556 hours, DEF, 12 front 47kg suitcase weights, 3 remotes, power quad transmission, heavy duty quick hitch, 3pt, business band radio, 480/80R42 rear tires w/ duals, 3 rear wheel weights, 1000 pto, 11.00-16 front, heat/ac, 11.00-16 front tires

International 1086 Tractor–SN:2610183U52095, shows 4898 hours, 3 remotes, 540/1000 pto, 3pt, 18.4-38 rear tires w/ duals, 10.00-16 front tires, 10 front suitcase weights

John Deere 4440 Tractor–SN:062050RW, shows 5998 hours, 540/1000 pto, 3 remotes, quick hitch, 3pt, 460/85R38 rear tires, 10.00-16 front tires, 8 speed power shift transmission, 10 front suitcase weights

1962 Farmall 560 Gas Tractor w/ Loader–serial number:54988, shows 4018 hours, 9.5L-15 front tires, 15.5-38 rear tires, rear fenders, 4 sets of rear wheel weights, 540 pto, 3pt, 1 remote, Miller M12 loader with 7ft quick tach bucket, torque and clutch are both good

International 460 Gas Tractor W/ Westendorf Loader–Sn-14279, shows 4512 hours, 18.4-38 rear tires, 540 pto, rear flat top fenders, nf, quick tach bucket, 7ft bucket, 3 prong bale spear, runs/drives

1989 Case IH 7120 2WD Tractor–sn-jja0009678, shows 7475 hours, 18/2 power shift, heat, a/c radio, outback s3 guidance w/ aftermarket steering wheel, (waas), outback drivex w/s3, hemisphere globe, 3 remotes, 18.4R42 rear tires with duals, 14L-16 front tires, front toolbox, 3pt, 540/1000 pto, heat, a/c, radio, bolt on hammer strap

Farmall M Gas Tractor–13.6-38 rear tires, nf, 540 pto, converted to 12 volt system, runs/drives

John Deere 6420 Tractor—1 Owner–SN:L06420H452353, shows 1036 actual hours, power quad range, radio, heat/ac, buddy seat, Firestone 10.00-16 front tires, 460/85R38 rear tires, 3pt, 540 pto, 2 remotes

Minneapolis Moline G550 Tractor–SN:230872-504, shows 4575 actual hours, rear fenders, 6.50-16 tires, 15.5-38 rear tires, 540 pto, 3pt, 2 remotes, Original Huskee AM radio works

1952 John Deere A Diesel Tractor–SN:700046, narrow front, 5.50-16 front tires like new, front mudflap, 14.9-38 rear tires like new, 540 pto, rear fenders, 6 speee transmission, renegade tool box, this tractor has oil inside the clutch

1957 Oliver Super 77 Tractor–SN:47620-702, shows 3749 hours, wide front, 540 pto, rear fenders, canopy, 13.6-38 rear tires, 5.50-16 front tires, tool box, chrome straight pipe

1950 John Deere B Tractor–SN:295701, narrow front, 5.50-16 tires, 11.2-38 rear tires, 540 pto, 1 remote, belt pulley, 6 speed transmission, TRACTOR DOES NOT RUN, tractor need new battery and carburator work

1956 Allis Chalmers WD 45 Tractor–narrow front, 6.00-16 front tires, 14.9-28 rear tires, front mudflap, tool box, rear fenders, 540 pto, 4 speed transmission, canopy

John Deere G Tractor–SN:53488, shows 559 hours, 13.6-38 rear tires, 1 remote, 540 pto, 5.50-16 front tires, narrow front, belt pulley

1985 International 3488 Hydro Tractor–SN:34476, SN: 950, shows 283 hours(not actual), hydro transmission, 10.00-16 front tires, rock box, 18.4-38 rear tires, 540/1000 pto, 3 remotes, standard drawbar, current owner purchased from the Hanson County, SD Highway department, Seaman Maxon 88” 3pt Tiller–SN:85507SM12, 1000 pto, Information Provided By The Owner: “I believe this to be 1 of 2 tractors built in this configuration. Tractor was originally yellow (industrial). The other tractor in this configuration was a tractor and tiller produced for the Air Force. The tires are original and match the other tractor produced for the air force. Motor and hydro are good and I believe it to be a low hour, low use tractor. IHC only produced 465—3488 tractors. This is a rare configuration in a low production model!”

Farmall 806 Diesel Tractor–SN:5505, shows 5964 hours, wide front, 10.00-16 front tires, 18.4-34 rear tires, 540 pto, 2 remotes, 3pt, 1 set of rear wheel weights, rear view mirror, rear fenders

Allis Chalmers WD 45 Diesel Tractor–wide front, Firestone 16.9-28 rear tires, 6.50-16 front tires, 540 pto, belt pulley, rear fenders


Utility Tractors: New Holland T2410 Utility Tractor–Shows 1733 hours, 3pt, 540 pto, 1 remote, 18.4-24 rear tires

New Holland TC35DA Utility Tractor–Shows 8685 hours, 3pt, 1 remote, 17.5L-24 rear tires, power steering needs work

White American 80 Utility Tractor–SN:403383-80FX, shows 4900 hours, 13.6-24 front tires, 18.4-34 rear tires, 3pt, 540 pto, 3 remotes, canpopy


Field Cultivator: 2012 John Deere 2210 27ft Field Cultivator–1 owner, level lift, 2 bar harrow, 13″ rolling baskets, newer shovels, very clean

2012 John Deere 2210 27ft Field Cultivator—1 Owner–SN:1N02210LD0750714, 2 bar harrow with 13” rolling baskets, new shovels, walking tandems, 11L-15 tires

White 226 24ft Field Cultivator–Walking tandems, 4 bar harrow

Case IH 183 12row30 3pt Field Cultivator–SN: JAG0029984

Case IH 133 12row30 3pt Field Cultivator–SN:0000U01688, rolling shields

White 4row Cultivator–SN:49157, 3pt


Field Finisher: John Deere 726 30ft Field Finisher—1 Owner–19 1/2 inch front blades, 9 inch spacings, 5 bar harrow, walking tandems, hydraulic front gang, manual depth adjustment, hydraulic fold, 11L-15 tires, very nice well cared for unit, always stored inside

2012 Sunflower 37ft Field Finisher-1 Owner–SN:AGCS633308Z60010037, 3 bar harrow with rolling basket, walking tandems, 12.5L-15 tires, 18 3/4” fish blades

2008 Landoll 850 27ft Soil Finisher–4-brand new 9.5L-15 tires, 5 bar harrow, walking tandems, 18 3/4” disk blades


Disk: 2011 John Deere 637 23ft 7” Wheatland Disk-1 Owner–SN:N00637X1A0740566, 3 bar John Deere harrow, C-cushion shanks, 9” spacing, hydraulic wing control, 24” blades on front and back

Krause 3951 21ft Flex Wing Tandem Disk–SN:2577, Te Slaa rolling baskets new in 2020

International 475 22ft Disk–SN:0470000U016474, 18 1/4” front disk blades, 17 1/2” rear disk blades, 9.5L-15 tires

John Deere 230 20ft Disk–19 3/4” front blades, 19 1/4” rear blades, 11L-15 tires, 3 bar harrow

John Deere 215 16ft Disk–SN:010010, 9.5L-14 tires, 19 1/2” front blades, 20 1/4” rear blades

John Deere 12ft Disk–15” front disk blades, 16” rear disk blades, 205/70R15 tires

Landoll 6230 28ft Disk–SN:62J0901602, 23 1/4” front disk blades, 23 1/2” rear disk blades, 11L-15 tires, walking tandems, 3 bar harrow

Case IH 3950 24ft Disk–SN:0750692, 3 bar harrow, 20” rear blades, 11L-15 tires, 18 1/2” front disk blades

Case IH 3950 24ft Disk–SN:JFH0019016, 3 bar harrow, 21 1/4” rear disk blades, 20” front disk blades, 12.5L-15 tires


Harrow: 9 Section harrow–MFG by SAC, hyd swing out


Rotary Hoes: Yetter 3421 21 1/2ft Rotary Hoe–SN: 651, 3pt


Plows: 2 Bottom Plow; John Deere 55 3 Bottom Plow


Grain Drill: John Deere 750 15ft No Till Grain Drill–SN:N00750X007897, 11L-15 tires, no markers, always stored inside, this grain drill has recently had new belts and new openers installed with very low use


Planter: White 6300 12row30 Planter–SN:613772, trash whippers, 1000rpm hydraulic pump, 6 row shutoffs, SM 4000 monitor, 3 corn plates included and 1 bean plate included

2011 John Deere 1760 12row30 Planter—1 Owner–SN:1A01760RKCM745175, vacumm meter, corn and bean plates, this planter has only had a total of 6400 acres gone through it, 3 bushel boxes, cable drive units, no insecticide boxes included, John Deere 350 monitor, 6 row shutoffs, notched disc furrow opener, seed firmers, markers, always stored inside, trash whippers

John Deere 7000 6row30 Planter–SN:028524, chain driven, John Deere M-6000 monitor included, corn and bean plates included, Yetter trash whippers included

White 6180 16row30 Planter–SN:614813, chain driven, 9.5L-15 tires, 2 sets of corn plates and 1 set of bean plates included, yetter trash whippers, 9.5L-15 tires, 2pt, SM 3000 monitor included

John Deere 12row20 Mounted Planter –Loaded With Precision Equipment–SN:A07300A107174, 2-120 gallon insecticide tanks, Green Star rate controller, Clean Sweep precision planting, trash whippers, 3 bushel boxes, 3pt, 7.60-15 tires, Precision AG360 monitor, this planter has every precision planting option installed that was available at the time of the build. Air actuated clean sweep row cleaners, 20″ mud Smith gauge wheels, corn and bean plates with elec drives/row shutoffs, in row fertilizer and insecticide, 2×2 liquid fertilizer behind the row, John deere rate controller, Hitch to pull a 2000 gallon Yetter fertilizer tank, monitors, controllers, manuals, and cables for row cleaners, liquid fertilizer systems and 20/20 monitor, Also included is a Precision planting GPS globe and planter activation limit switches for 3pt

John Deere 7000 6Row30” Planter–SN: 100500A, yetter trash whippers, 7.60-15 tires, John Deere monitor included

Kinze 2600 16row30 Planter–Row shut offs, 4- 150 gallon insecticide tanks, corn and bean plates, smart boxes, Yetter and Dawn trash whippers, 255/70R22.5 tires, monitor included

White 6929 11row30 Inter Plant System–SN:607693, Yetter trash whippers, 9.5L-15 tires


Insecticide Tanks: 2-200 Gallon Insecticide Tanks–Came off a John Deere planter, Capture 2EC rate controller included


Head Carts: 30ft Head Cart–235/75R15 tires

Electric 20ft Head Cart–9.5L-14 tires

MD 24ft Head Cart–205/75R14 tires, 6 bolt running gear


Corn Heads: John Deere 843 8row30 Corn Head–was used last harvest


Bean Head: Case IH 1020 15ft Bean Head–SN:000696


Harvester Heads: Claas PU 380 HD Pickup Head For A Chopper–SN:42903008


Kooima Adapter Plate: Kooima Adapter Plate–fits a 6000, 7200 and 7580 series John Deere Harvester


Grain Carts: 2011 Kill Bros 1100bu. Grain Cart–SN:B25200114, big 1000 pto, manual roll tarp, 520/85R38 walking tandem tires, ,model 110,  20″ corner auger, adjustable chute, avery electric scale

2006 J & M 525 Bushel Grain Cart—1 Owner–SN:5292, 24.5-32 tires, 1000 pto, no scale included


Seed Tender Wagons/Seeders:Approx 250 Bushel Seed Tender Wagon–2 compartments, new canvas cover, hydraulic motor, Sudenga 6” x 14” swing out brush auger, John Deere 6 bolt running gear, 11L-15 tires

Speed King 2 Box Seed Tender Frame-scale included

57” x 10ft Barge Wagon w/ Seeder–IH end gate seeder, Broyhill hoist

2 Box Speed King Approx 57” x 92” Seed Tender Frame–SN: 18763, Honda 5.5HP motor with electric start, 6” auger, Digi Star ST 3400 scale head included

Parker 200 Bushel Seed Tender Wagon–Hydraulic driven, 6” brush auger, 9.5L-15 tires, Shur-lok manual roll tarp, John Deere 6 bolt running gear

2013 J & M 275ST Seed Tender—1 Owner–SN:1305756, Honda GX 340 motor with electric start, 235/85R16 tires, tandem axle, manual roll tarp, double compartment

Sudenga 4 Box Seed Tender–9.5L-14 tires, Sudenga 6” hydraulic auger, approx 56” wide x 20ft long, 6 bolt running gear

Pull Type 200 Bushel Seed Tender–245/75R16 tires, tandem axle, 5” auger tube, Honda GX160 5.5hp motor, centrifical clutch, dual compartment

Demco 365 Bushel Seed Tender Wagon–6” hydraulic driven auger, 385/65R22.5 tires, manual roll tarp, original chute gate included

Dakon 250 Bushel Seed Tender Wagon–Hydraulic driven Sudenga auger, 11L-15 tires, westendorf 8 ton 6 bolt running gear, manual roll tarp


Gravity Wagons: 2013 Demco 450 Bushel Gravity Wagon–1 Owner–fenders, roll tarp; 2012 Demco 550 Gravity Wagon–1 Owner–fenders, roll tarp; Kwik Flow 225 Bushel Gravity Wagon–10.00-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear; Killbros 385 Bushel Gravity Wagon–11R22.5 tires, 8 bolt running gear; J & M 350 Bushel Gravity Wagon–295/75R22.5 tires, J & M 8 bolt running gear;Approx 350 Bushel Gravity Wagon–16.5L-16.1 tires, 8 bolt running gear; Parker 250 Bushel Gravity Wagon–12.5L15 tires, Westendorf 6 bolt running gear, 2 compartments; J & M 250 Bushel Gravity Wagon–Electric 5026 running gear, 6 bolt gear, 9.5L-15 tires


Silage Wagon: 7ft x 16ft Rear Unload Silage Wagon– hydraulic driven, 11L-15 tires, westendorf 6 bolt running gear, hydraulic gate


Augers: Sudenga 10” x 36ft Auger–SN:TD-1054, 540 pto, 215/75R15 tires, manual lift; Sudenga 8” x 61ft Auger–Swing hopper, hydraulic lift, 540 pto, 205/75D14 tires; Westfield WR80-41 Auger–540 pto, 8 inch x 41ft, manual lift; Sudenga 12” x 31ft Auger–SN:TD1459, 205/75D15 tires, manual crank, 540 pto; Sudenga 6” x 14ft Auger–Hydraulic driven; Sukup 8” x 16ft Auger–Baldor 7.5hp motor, 230 volt, single phase


Conveyors: Unverferth 6” x 16ft Belt Tube Conveyor–SN:A49130102, hydraulic driven


Sprayers: 2000 Case IH SPX4260 Sprayer–SN:JFG0003231, Shows 4938 hours, 1200 Gallon stainless steel tank, 60 gallon rinse tank, triple nozzle bodies, 90ft booms, 5 section control, newer tires, Raven Envizio Pro Controller, Accuboom Section control, Auto Boom Height control, rear camera, sprayer is field ready!

Demco 1250 Pull Type Sprayer- 90ft booms, 320/90R46 tires, booms have some welds, Raven SCS 450 controller and pendant included

Demco Conquest 1100 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer –13.6-38 tires, demco controller included, 60ft booms, 3 section shutoffs, 3 way nozzle, TeeJet monitor included, sprayer was always stored inside

98” x 18ft Wood Flatbed w/ Poly Tank–1500 gallon tank, Briggs & Stratton 5hp pump, 3” plumbing, 12.5L-16 tires, demco 8 bolt running gear

Demco 1250 Pull Type Sprayer–60ft booms, 13.6-38 tires, Raven SCS 440 Spray control included

Schweiss 15ft Self Propelled Sprayer–SN:8842122, 6.70-15 tires, Currently not running needs carburetor work

Schaben 1500 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer–90ft booms, 320/90R46 tires, Raven SCS 440 sprayer control, boom controller

Summers 750 Gallon Sprayer–90ft booms, hydraulic booms, semi mount, 12.5L-15, 3pt, Raven 450 controller

Fast 1000 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer–newer hydraulic pump, 60ft Wilrich booms, Raven 440 Monitor, 40 gallon rinse tank, 16.9-38 tires


Water Wagon: Yetter 2100 Gallon Water Wagon–SN:72291, 18.4-26 tires, hydraulic pump, 4” plumbing


Fertilizer Spreaders: Wilmar Fertilizer Spreader–Brand new stainless steel box, new drive belt, 540 pto, 40ft spread pattern, 19L-16.1 tires


Flatbeds/Bale Carriers: 94” x 12ft Wood Flatbed–10.00-15 tires, flatbed has a metal frame, westendorf 6 bolt running gear

10ft x 24ft Metal Bale Trailer–10.00-20 tires

8ft x 20ft Wood Flatbed–11L-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear

6ft x 10ft Wood Flatbed–6.70-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear, hydraulic hoist

8ft x 12ft Wood Flatbed–11L-15 tires, Westendorf 6 bolt running gear

95 1/2 inch x 18 1/2ft Wooden Flatbed–J&M 6 bolt running gear, 11L-15 tires

8ft x 16ft Wood Flatbed–9.5L-15 tires, 6 bolt John running gear

8ft x 16ft Wood Flatbed–6 bolt running gear, 7.60-15 tires


Rakes: Veermer R23A 5 Bar Side Rake–205/75R14 tires; 12 Wheel V Rake–AGC cart; Sitrex 5 Wheel Rake–SN:268949, 3pt; New Idea 400 5 Bar Rake–SN:R126306, 5.00-15 tires, approx 10ft wide


Hay Crimper: New Holland 404 Hay Crimper–SN:13442, 205/70R14 tires, 540 pto


Square Balers: International 47 Square Baler–SN:1153G, 11L-15 tires, 540 pto; New Holland 276 Square Baler–SN:384808, 540 PTO, 205/75D15 tires; International 46 Square Baler–SN: 473640, 540 PTO, 5.00-15 tires


Feeder/Mixer Wagons:  Van Dale Auger Mixer Wagon–540 pto, 12.5L-15 tires, dual auger, no scale included; Roorda Feeder Wagon–9.00-20 tires, 540 pto


Grinder Mixers: Lorenz 1020 Grinder Mixer–SN:10231, 11L-15 tires, 540 pto, 8” auger tube; Henke B45 Grinder Mixer–SN:10234, 9.5L-14 tires, 8” auger, 540 pto; Gehl 135 Grinder Mixer–540 pto, 12.5L-15 tires, 8” auger tube; Knight Reel Auggie 3700 Feeder Wagon–SN:0086, Knight 640XL scale, 385/65R22.5 tires, feeder wagon has some holes in the floor, no pto included


Manure Pump: Balzer V-6” x 8ft Manure Pump–SN:112-0205


Manure Load Stand: 8” x 25ft Manure Load Stand–7.60-15 tires


Manure Hose: 6” x 25ft Manure Hose


Manure Tankers: Houle 6000 Gallon Manure Tanker–SN:1801-034387-845000, tandem axle, tool bar

Better Bilt 6000 Gallon Manure Tanker–tandem axle, tool bar

Houle 7300 Manure Tanker–SN:1801-086696-486D6100, 1000 pto, triple axle, 725/65-26 tires, 20 1/2” disk blades, Houle tool bar, Raven SCS 660 flow controller included


Manure Spreaders: Roorda 300 Manure Spreader–SN:8-88, 13.00-24 tires, slop gate, no beaters included

New Holland 512 Manure Spreader–SN:337698, single horizontal beater, 10.00-20 tires, 540 pto, wood floor

Meyer Industrial 8865 Manure Spreader–SI078865426, tandem axle, triple auger, dual vertical beater, 1000 pto, 28L-26 tires

Roorda 180 Bushel Manure Spreader–SN:3476, 540 pto, poly floor, horizontal beaters, 11.00-20 tires


Water Tank: John Deere 1600 Gallon Pull Type Water Tank–Briggs & Stratton 5hp pump, 3” hose, 11L-15 tires


Semi Trucks: 1992 Ford L8000 Diesel Semi Truck–VIN:1FDXR82A3NVA24842, shows 345,476 miles, Fuller Roadranger 8 speed transmission, 295/75R22.5 tires, Ford Remanufactured Diesel engine, GVWR: 33,000lbs

2011 Freightliner Semi Truck–VIN: 1FUJGBDV2CLBL1740, shows 490,505 miles, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, heat/ac, radio, GVWR: 52,000 lbs, 295/75R22.5 tires, diesel engine

2015 Kenworth T680 Semi Truck Tractor–vin-1xkyap9x5fj422684, shows 948,296 miles, Eaton automatic 13 speed transmission, sleeper, 3.21 axle ratio, 11R22.5 rear drive tires, aluminum outer rims, steel inner rims, air ride, air ride cab, 275/80R22.5 front tires, Paccar Mx-13 engine, this truck had the clutch replaced at 810,000 miles

2017 Peterbilt 389 Semi Truck–VIN: 1XP-XDP9X-7-HD435435, Shows 437,181 miles, Eaton 10 speed transmission, 295/75R22.5 tires, sleeper bed, Paccar diesel engine, GVWR: 50,000 lbs, carrier unit APU, Salvage Title

2015 Freightliner 122SD Semi Truck—2nd Owner–VIN:3AKJGND63FDGL4605, Shows 904,765 miles, GVWR: 52,350lbs. 13 speed transmission, 11R22.5 tires, sleeper, leather seats, Detroit DD15 engine, after treatment box exhaust sytem was installed approx. 90,000 miles ago

2004 Kenworth T800 Semi Truck–VIN:1XKDDU8X54R396060, shows 550,387 miles, GVWR: 33,001lbs, automatic transmission, Cat C12 diesel engine, super single tires, 11R24.5 tires


Semi Spray Trailers: 1999 Great Dane Approx 8ft x 45ft Van Trailer Used As A Spray Trailer–VIN:1GRAA9027YB029203, 3-1500 Gallon Poly Tanks, 2-60 gallon induction comes, 2-30 gallon induction comes, gas pump included, tandem axle, 295/75R22.5 tires, GVWR: 68,000lbs, 13ft tall trailer, 3” hose plumbing

1979 Transcraft 8ft x 40ft Semi Flatbed Tender Trailer–24.5″ tires w/ steel rims, spring ride with air brakes, 2–2,000 gallon tanks, 2–30 gallon chemical inductors, Honda GX200 motor w/ 2″ cast iron pump (Pull start), 2″ super reel (12v) with 60ft of hose, 2″ or 3″ loading capacity, tanks have floats on the lids if filling with hydrant, large storage compartments on each side, 2 speed landing gear:

1998 Wabash 102” x 48ft Semi Van Trailer Used A Spray Trailer–VIN: 1JJV482WXWL355749, tandem axle, 3-1500 gallon poly tanks, 3” & 4” plumbing, 295/75R22.5 tires


Semi Flatbed Trailer: Cherokee 101 1/2” x 52ft Deckover Semi Flatbed Trailer–8ft long deck over, 57” long beaver tail, approx 40ft flatbed, tandem axle, 215/75R17.5 tires, flip down ramps

1999 Independent Approx 8ft x 37ft Deckover Semi Flatbed Trailer–VIN:1Z9PS3610YC010007, GVWR: 26,000lbs, 255/70R22.5 tires, flip down ramps, approx 5ft beaver tail, 10ft deck over, approx 22ft flatbed


Semi Liquid Tanker Trailers: 2012 Tytal 48ft Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer–VIN:3T1L1TA3XCC000225, GVWR: 56,823lbs, Design temeperature range -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, 10,500 gallon liquid tanker, Finch 5332E level monitor, triple axle, 285/75R24.5 tires


Semi Manure Truck: 1994 Peterbilt Semi Manure Truck–VIN:1XPAL60X4RN341850, shows 587,076 miles, GVWR: 62,400lbs, 445/65R22.5 front tires, 700/50-22.5 rear tires, Eaton Fuller 8 speed transmission, cloth interior, Kuhn 1170 Pro Spread manure box, dual horizontal beaters


Silage Trucks: International Silage Truck–VIN:2HSFHAER3XC050496, shows 782,487 miles, Rockwell 10 speed transmission, Cummins CN14 engine, Gehl 102” x 22ft Box, Kaero electric roll tarp, GVWR: 52,350lbs, poly floor

1993 Ford L8000 Diesel Truck–VIN:1FDZU82E0PYA29249, shows 193,523 miles, 10 speed transmission, full lockers, corn kit, Cummins diesel engine, Chain driven box, 385/65R22.5 tires, Boss Meyer 22ft Box, 2 way radio not included, GVWR: 58,000lbs

1997 Ford Silage Truck–VIN:1FDZX86E6WVA35654, shows 342,153 miles, 10 speed transmission, GVWR: 58,000lbs, Cummins diesel engine, Boss Meyer hydraulic driven 22ft box, 385/65R22.5 tires, tag axle, 2 way radio not included


Feed Truck: 2009 Freightliner Feed Truck–VIN:1FVXGU007ADAN8724, shows 138,278 miles, automatic transmission, Cummins diesel engine, 11R22.5 tires, GVWR:13,220 lbs, 8ft x 20ft MMI box


Grain Trucks: 1987 Freightliner Grain Truck– Vin-1fuyzlyb9hh402685, shows 783,436 miles, 9 speed fuller road ranger transmission, 22ft steel midland box, tandem axle plus air tag, 11R22.5 rear tires, 315/80R22.5 front tires, Cummins 410 engine, manual roll tarp, grain doors, headlift hoist, rear controls

1984 GMC 7000 Grain Truck–VIN:1GDK7D1E6EV531683, shows 27,833 miles, 5 speed transmission, 315/80R22.5 tires, 94” x 20ft grain box, Shur-lok manual roll tarp, 8 cylinder gas engine


Pickups: 2007 Chevy 2500 Duramax Pickup–2nd Owner–VIN:1GCHK23D97F155077, shows 146,378 miles, 6.6L engine, Allison transmission, heat/ac, radio, 4X4, this pickup has never had any work done to the motor, always stored inside, 5th wheel, 265/75R16 tires, current owner has owned the pickup since 2400 miles, leather interior

2000 Chevy K1500 Pickup–VIN:1GCEK19T7YE152066, shows 251,478 miles, 265/75R16 tires, leather interior, tool boxes, GVWR: 6,400 lbs, 5.3 Liter gas engine

2012 Ford XL F350 Gas Dually Pickup–VIN:1FDRF3H61CEA25475, shows 115,872 miles, 4×4, heat/ac, cloth interior, 245/75R17 tires, approx 8ft x 10ft flatbed, tool boxes, fifth wheel, GVWR: 13,300 lbs, radio, 8 cylinder gas engine

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Dually Pickup–ViN:1D7HA162X8J104375, shows 203,298 miles, cloth interior, 4×4, radio, 235/80R17 tires, Cummins turbo diesel engine, 5th wheel, GVWR: 10,001lbs

2011 Ford F150 Lariat Pickup–VIN:1FTFW1ET2BKE00151, shows 165,458 miles, leather interior, 4×4, heater and cooled seats, radio, heat/ac, 275/65R18 tires, 5th wheel, spray in bed liner, V6 3.5 liter Eco boost engine, GVWR: 7,350 lbs, this pickup has been recently serviced and was always serviced at the dealer

2000 Ford F250 XL Gas Pickup–VIN:1FTNF21L0YEE24916, shows 180,194 miles, 4 speed manual transmission, radio, 78” x Service box, 26575R16 tires, GVWR:8,800lbs, V8 Triton gas engine

2013 Ford FX4 F150 Pickup–VIN:1FTFW1EF6DKF26008, shows 104,329 miles, 4×4, heat and cooled seats, touchscreen radio, 5.0 liter gas engine, leather interior, spray in bed liner, tonneau cover, GVWR:7,350lbs

2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Pickup–VIN: 3GTU2VEC2EG374818, shows 126,214 miles, heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, 5.3 gas engine, remote start, 4WD, GVWR: 7,200 lbs, spray in bed liner, tonneau cover, 265/65R18 tires


Flatbed Trailers: Dresser 83” x 18ft Tilt Bed Trailer–205/75R15 tires, tandem axle, ramps included

55” x 10ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–175/65R14 tires, flip down ramp

1996 Wilson 8ft x 25ft Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer–VIN:1W1000F07TA220781, 20ft flatbed with 5ft beaver tail, flip down ramps, tandem axle, 235/85R16 tires, GVWR: 16,000lbs, 62” tool box, spare tire

2016 Load Max 101” x 36ft Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer–VIN: 4ZEGC3639G1094422, GVWR: 21,000lbs, triple axle, 235/80R16 tires, 2ft beaver tail and 34ft flatbed, ramps included, side panels included

74” x 12ft Metal Flatbed Trailer–flip down ramps, 11.00-20 tires

2001 Delta 20ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:4MWFS20261N008649,GVWR:14,230lbs Tandem axle, 235/85R16 tires, ramps included

DCI 80” x 18ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–2ft beaver tail and 16ft flatbed, tandem axle, 235/85R16 tires, ramps included

8ft x 20ft Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer–tandem axle, 235/75R15 tires, spare tire included, ramps included

66” x 10ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–205/75D15 tires, fenders included

2020 Homemade 7ft x 16ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:7015027, tandem axle, 225/75R15 tires, flip down ramps, Badland ZXR 12,000lbs winch, 3,500lbs axles, all lights work

2010 Pace Setter 6ft 4” x 10ft Aluminum Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer –VIN:1K9UG10A5AH048258, 175/80D13 tires, heavy duty tread plate ramp, LED lights, 3500lbs axle, heavy duty hinges

1994 DCT 81” x 16ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:4GBF16269R1001007, tandem axle, 7.50-16 tires, flip down ramps

80” x 10ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–No title or registration, 12-16 tires, ramps included


Gooseneck Livestock Trailers:

2023 Maverick EBY 7ft x 24 1/2ft Gooseneck Aluminum Livestock Trailer–VIN:4A2LG2422P2031928, GVWR:14,000 lbs, tandem axle, center gate, walk behind push gate, 235/85R16 tires

Triggs 7ft x 20ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–new floor, center gate, lights need to be rewired, this trailer has had new steel on the lower edge of the trailer all around the trailer

2002 FeatherLite 7ft x 20ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–VIN:4FGL020262C053906, tandem axle, GVWR: 14,000lbs, center gate, 235/85R16 tires,

2000 Duralite 80” x 30ft Gooseneck Aluminum Livestock Trailer–VIN: 1D9AL3037YW141015, triple axle, 7.50R16 tires, GVWR: 16,680 lbs, 2 center gates

1993 K & O 80” x 24ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–VIN:1K9GJ2435PH048835, GVWR: 14,000lbs, tandem axle, 235/85R16 tires, center gate, wood floor

2005 Pace Setter 7ft x 24ft Gooseneck Aluminum Livestock Trailer–VIN:1K9GJ244X5H048609, GVWR: 14,600lbs, center gate, rubber floor, tandem axle, 235/85R16 tires

2013 Pace Setter 8ft x 36ft Gooseneck Double Deck Livestock Trailer–VIN:1K9GL3668DH048606, GVWR: 25,900lbs, dual compartments, triple axle, 215/75R17.5 tires, brakes need work

Triggs 6ft x 20ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–tandem axle, center gate, wood floor, 265/75R16 tires

1994 Alum-Line 82” x 30ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–VIN:1A9LS0928RS241417, triple axle, 235/85R16 tires, spare tire, 2 middle gates, deck rails, trailer has no deck included


Machinery Trailer: Approx 90” x 16ft Machinery Trailer–Hydraulic lift, 7.50-15 tires


Car Trailer: 2 Wheel Car Dolly Trailer


Drag Sections: John Deere 9 Section Pull Type Drag–Each section is approx 5ft wide, hydraulic wings, 185/75R14 tires

Summers 10 Section Pull Type Drag–SN:A0298, 11L-15 tires, each section is approx 5ft wide

6 Section Pull Type Drag–205/75D15 tires, each section is approx 5ft

2 Section Pull Type Drag–each section is approx 5ft

126” Wide Spring Tooth Drag

4-Approx. 5ft Drag Section


Livestock Cart: Approx 58” x 7ft 3pt Livestock Carrier–Wood floor; 80” x 14ft Hydraulic Livestock Cart–11L-15 tires, metal floor, center gate


Livestock Chutes/Head Gates: For Most A-25 Head Gate; Priefert Approx 38” x 11 1/2ft Working Chute–Model 91 head gate, manual chute, plastic floor; For Most Approx 29” x 8ft Working Chute; Approx 5ft x 14ft Working Chute; Approx 32” x 7ft Hydraulic Working Chute


Livestock Scale: Approx 34” x 94” Portable Livestock Scale–205/65R15 tires, wood floor


Creep Feeder: Apache 90” x 8ft Creep Feeder–SN:1605151, 9.5L-15 tires, 1 side gate included


Skidloaders: 2018 Gehl R105 Skidloader–SN:GHL0R105K0D181609, shows 59.5 actual hours, 59” bucket, manual quick tach, 27×10.50-15 tires, heat, hand controls

2022 Bobcat S510 Skidloader–SN:B4RE11498, 2,747 hours, hand and foot controls, 10-16.5 tires, 68” Bobcat bucket w/ bolt on cutting edge, manual quick tach

Mustang 320 Skidloader–SN:2775, shows 1349 hours, 46” bucket, foot pedals, skidloader runs and drives but has a oil leak, needs new battery

1996 Bierschbach Mustang 2060 Hi-Flow Skid Loader–SN: SE96H000857, Shows 2,665 Hours, hand and foot controls, manual quick tach, 65” bucket width bolt on cutting edge, auxiliary hydraulic, 12-16.5 tires


Skidloader Grapple Buckets/Dirt Buckets: Stout HD78-3 Skidloader Quick Tach Rock Grapple Bucket–78 inch wide, 3 inch spacings, new unused; Stout 66-9 Skidloader Quick Tach Brush Grapple Bucket–66 inch wide, 9 inch spacings, new unused; Stout HD72-4 Skidloader Quick Tach Brush Grapple Bucket–72 inch wide, 4 inch spacings, new unused; 71” Skidloader Bucket; 2014 Cobra MDS 6ft Heavy Duty Skidloader Grapple Bucket–SN:03749, 3” spacing; 7ft Skidloader Bucket; 71” Skidloader Bucket–Bolt on cutting edge; Terry’s Repair 78” Skidloader Bucket


Skidloader Pallet Forks: 3-Skidloader Pallet Forks–4ft forks; Bierschibach Skid Loader Pallet Forks–42” long forks


Skidloader Scrapers: 5ft x 7ft Skidloader Dirt Scraper; Skidloader 44” Tire Scraper; Skidloader 88” V Scraper


Skidloader Bale Spears: 3-Skidloader 4 Prong Bale Spears; 8-Tomahawk 3 Prong Skidloader Bale Spears; 3 Prong Skidloader Bale Spear


Skidloader Auger: Unused Lowe 750 Hydraulic Skidloader Auger–12″ auger bit included


Skidloader Breaker: Stanley Hydraulic Skidloader Concrete Breaker


Skidloader Push Blade: Skidloader 8ft Push Blade


Mini Excavator Attachments: Stanley Hydraulic Vibrator For A Mini Excavator


Payloaders: Volvo L60E Payloader–SN: L60EV60830, hour meters shows 7070 hours actual hours are approx 9700 hours, air less tires, lever controls, radio

2017 Caterpillar 926M High Lift Payloader—1 Owner–SN: CAT0926MCLTE04128, shows 9845 actual hours, joystick controls, heat/ac, radio, CAT 3.8 yard bucket included with bolt on cutting edge, 20.5R25 tires (90%), boom suspension, SUPER SHARP CLEAN LOADER was used only for loading feed its entire life! this loader has never been in the manure


Payloader Bale Spears: 4 Prong Payloader Bale Spear–JRB payloader mounts; 4 Prong Payloader Bale Spear–Volvo payloader mounts; Notch 4 Prong Payloader Bale Spear–SN:40883, JRB mounts, hydraulic slide


Forklift: 2014 JCB 940 Fork Lift–SN:JCB94004L02364029, shows 3441 hours, all wheel drive, 60” forks, side shift, remote hydraulics, triple mast for low head room, this forklift has recently been serviced


Loaders: Westendorf WL-42 Loader w/ Bucket–7ft bucket, international brackets; Koyker Super K Loader–7ft bucket, came off an Oliver tractor; Westendorf WL-27 Power Mount Loader–Westendorf 7ft bucket, John deere and IH brackets included; Miller 12 Loader w/ Bucket–SN:4028, 8ft bucket, John Deere brackets


Loader Attachments: Westendorf 2 Prong Bale Spear


Tire Scrapers: 2-HMI 8ft Tire Scraper–3pt;


Blades/Box Scrapers: 7ft 3pt Blade; John Deere 7ft Mid Mount Push Blade–John Deere compact tractor mounts, four way blade; Land Pride BB1572 6ft Land Grader–3pt; 104” 3pt Box Scraper; Industrias America F10 10ft Box Scraper–SN: F10202328571, 205/75 D15 tires, hydraulics not included


Snowblower: 8ft 3pt Snowblower–1000 pto


3pt Post Hole Auger: Speedco 3pt Post Hole Auger–6” and 8” auger bits included, 540 pto


Cultipackers: 2-Brillion 5ft Pull Type Cultipacker; Brillion 8ft Pull Type Cultipacker


Saddle Tanks: 2-250 Gallon Saddle Tanks–30-55 series John Deere tractor mounts; 2-Demco 250 Gallon Saddle Tanks


Atv’s/Utv’s: Cycle Ranch Mule–currently not running, 22×9-16 tires

2015 Honda Foreman 500 Fourwheeler–SN:1HFTE44H0F4100242, Shows 3397 miles, 222 hours, 4×4, 200/80R12 tires, wagon hitch, power steering

2004 Polaris 500 ATP Fourwheeler–No title or registration, 26x11R12 tires, automatic transmission, AWD


Golf Carts: Gas Golf Cart–SN:AG9732-593361, AM/FM radio, high lift kit, lights, rear view mirriors, 23×10.50-12 tires, always stored inside; 6 Seater Golf Cart–20×10.00R12 tires, led lights, cooler, lights around roof for at night, current owner purchased unit from a campground.


Lawnmowers: John Deere Z665 Zero Turn Lawnmower–SN:1M0Z665XHCM120743, shows 658 hours, 60” deck, 23×10.50-12 rear tires, Cyclone 27hp motor; John Deere L130 Riding Lawnmower–SN:3319616891, shows 374 hours, 48” deck, Kohler 23hp motor, 22×9.50-12 rear tires, 16×6.50-8 front tires; John Deere Z445 Zero Turn Lawnmower–SN:1M0Z44SCJCM122640, shows 283 hours, 54” deck, 22×9.50-10 rear tires, John Deere Cyclonic 27hp motor


Whirley Mower: John Deere 506 5ft Whirley Mower–540 pto


Running Gears: Bradford Approx 46” x 15ft Running Gear–10 ton running gear, 11L-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear; Westendorf 4ft x 174” Running Gear–12.5L-16 tires, 8 bolt running gear, 10 ton running gear; John Deere 40” x 90” Running Gear–11L-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear; J & M Approx 4ft x 90” Running Gear–7.60-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear


Camper: Cherokee 25ft Camper–Kitchen, living room, 1 bedroom, bathroom, 235/75R15 tires


Hitches: 9ft Hitch; Agri Quick Hitches; Pro Tracker Hydraulic Hitch


Tires: 18.4-34 Tires–9 bolt rims; 2-Double Coin 285/75R24.5 Tires–8 bolt rims; Firestone 18.4R38 Tires & Rims–12 bolt rims; 2-Titan 44×18.00-20 Tires & 2-Titan 27×10.50-15 Tires–8 bolt rear tractor rims and 6 bolt front tractor rims; 2-Firestone 18.4-42 Tires & Rims–fit a 7000 series John Deere tractors, 8 bolt rims; 4-Maxxis ATV Tires–2-26×10-12 tires and 2-26×8-12 tires, 4 bolt rims; 2 -18.4-38 Tractor Tires


Air Compressor: 2014 Sullivan Palatek D185 Air Compressor–SN:102383, 175/80R13 tires, Isuzu diesel engine


Dynamometer: M & W P-2000 Dynamometer r-1 Owner–SN:17121, 540 pto, 1000 pto, big 1000 pto included, 6.70-15 tires, original manual included, can dyno up to 460 horsepower, fully operational


Fuel Barrels: Approx 300 Gallon Diesel Barrel–Electric pump; 300 Gallon Diesel Tank–GPI diesel pump, 34”wide x 5ft long x 2ft tall; 500 Gallon Diesel Barrel; 1000 Gallon Diesel Barrel


BRAND NEW STEEL: This auction will include 100+ lots of different sizing steel from 7ft to 28ft long consisting of different quantities per stack. Multiple colors available! This is all brand new steel! Excellent opportunity to purchase new steel! Steel is available for online bidding and full catalog of steel available can be seen on website.


Misc: 6-Rear Wheel Weights; Hubs; 2-3ft Wheel weights; 12 Yetter Shark Tooth Trash Whippers; 5ft x 10ft Hunting Shack; Approx 62 John Deere Press Wheels; 4 Pallets Of Chicken Brooder Heaters; Truck Tag Axle; 3pt Bale Fork; 2-John Deere Fenders–Fit a 10 or 20 series John Deere tractor; 6-John Deere Wheel Weights; Weights Bracket For A John Deere 7810 Tractor; 3pt Hitches For A IH Tractors; Transmission Out Of A Burned Up Tractor; Skidloader Sway Bar; IH Suitcase Weights; 2 Wheel Tractor Trailer; K & O 20ft Bale Elevator; Narrow Front Off A Oliver Tractor; 6-Martin Trash Whippers; A Pair Of Fenders For Flat Top Oliver Tractor; 3pt 2 Prong Bale Spear; John Deere 4020 Tractor Engine; 6 Calf Huts; 6-54” x 88” Metal Calf Huts; Hunting Shack On A Livestock Cart; Approx 80” x 103” Pickup Flatbed; Roorda Spreader Parts; Hi Cap Grain Cleaner w/ Auger; IH 3pt Arms; Approx 24ft Long Rafters; 8ft Long Hydrants; Head Adapter Plate–Adapter plate for IH combine to fit on a John Deere head; John Deere Planter Parts; John Deere Row Unit For A 612C Corn Head; 200-8” Cultivator Sweeps


This auction also features many small items including hay feeders, tires, livestock chutes, gates, waterers, misc iron and more!


Terms: All items sold as is, where is with any/all defects with no warranties expressed or implied. Buyers are responsible for their own inspections and are responsible to verify any data important to the buyer. No items are tested for functionality by auction company. Any announcements made day of auction supersede any prior advertisements. Auction company reserves the right to require a wire transfer or cashiers check as payment method at auction company’s discretion. Drivers license will be required for registration at the auction. Accepted payment methods will be cash, check, credit card(additional 3% fee applies), wire transfer or cashiers check. Auction company reserves the right request which payment method is required for the items a buyer purchases.

Listing Agent(s)

Blake Zomer
  • Farm Management Representative,
  • Real Estate Agent
Mark Zomer
  • Auctioneer,
  • Farm Management Representative,
  • Owner,
  • Real Estate Broker