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June 13, 2024 @10:00 A.M.--Live & Online Farm Equipment, Truck, Transportation, Construction Equipment & Building Material Consignment Auction To Be Held At The Former Sioux Center, IA Airport!

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Auction Date:   June 13, 2024 - 10:00 am
3030 360th St.

Live/Online Farm Equipment, Truck, Transportation & Construction Consignment Auction

To Be Held At The Former Sioux Center, IA Airport!


Auction Date: June 13, 2024 @10:00 A.M.


Address: 3030 360th St., Sioux Center, IA


Items Consigned:

Tractors: Case IH 7240 FWA Tractor–SN: AJB0070487, shows 8555 hours, 18 speed power shift, radio, 18 front suitcase weights, Firestone 16.9R28 front tires, 20.8R42 rear tires with duals, 3pt, 1000 pto, 3 remotes, 4 sets of rear wheel weights, this tractor has recently been serviced

 Oliver 1755 Diesel Tractor–SN:252953-676, shows 7364 hours, 11L-15 front tires, 18.4-38 rear tires, 3 sets of rear wheel weights, 3pt, 2 rear remotes, 540 pto, rear fenders, wide front, this tractor has recently has new batteries, clutch, head gasket, brakes and hydraulic pump

International 1486 Tractor–SN:2650141U19068, shows 8988 hours, 18.4-38 rear tires with duals, 3pt, 540/1000 pto, 2 remotes, 11.00-16 front tires, 7 front suitcase weights

Tiger Special 7710 Tractor w/ Mower–Shows 7125 hours, wide front, Diamond 5ft Mower, 10.00-16 front tires, 2 rear wheel weights, 18.4-30 rear tires, 3pt, 2 rear remotes

Case International 685 Tractor–SN:B510231B025110, shows 2373 hours, canopy, 2 rear remotes, 540 pto, 3pt, 16.9-30 rear tires, 7.50-16 front tires, 2 sets of rear wheel weights

Same Saturno 80 Tractor–SN:15525, shows 1501 hours, 4WD, 3 remotes, 540 pto, 3pt, 18.4-30 rear tires, 12.4-24 front tires, 3pt and hydraulic do not work

John Deere 6410 MFWD Tractor–SN:L06410V327794, tach does not work number of hours unknown, 540 pto, 3pt, 2 rear remotes, 18.4-34 rear tires, 13.6-24 front tires, canopy, 2 sets of rear wheel weights, loader joystick

Case IH Maxxum MXU125 FWA Tractor w/ Loader–SN:ACP229470, shows 7480 hours, left hand reverser, radio, buddy seat, front fenders, 380/85R28 front tires, 18.4R38 rear tires, 3pt, 1000 pto, 2 remotes, Case IH LX156 loader

White American 80 Tractor (Red)–SN:836-80, shows 2373 hours, like new 340/85R24 front tires, 10 front suitcase weights, 18.4R34 rear tires, 3pt, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 6 speed power shift transmission, this tractor is 1 of 19 tractors of the total made!!

White American Eagle 80 Tractor (Green)–SN:404363-80T, Shows 5390 hours, 6 speed powershift transmission, 10.00-16 front tires, 18.4-34 rear tires, 3pt, 540 pto, 2 remotes

International 656 Tractor–SN:2450138U013901, shows 5392 hours, wide front, canopy, 18.4-25 rear tires, 1 rear remote, 540 pto, 9.5L-15 front tires

International 1566 Tractor–SN:20800, Show 6747 hours, 2 remotes, 3pt, 1000 pto, 18.4-38 rear tires with duals, 11.00-16 front tires, this tractor has recently had a new water pump, alternator and a new clutch


Loaders: John Deere 148 Loader–SN:007650W, 8ft bucket, John Deere brackets included

Westendorf TA-28 Loader w/ Bucket–Power quick tach, 7ft bucket, brackets were used on a John Deere 6410 tractor

Miller Loader w/ Bucket–7ft bucket, brackets included


Disk: John Deere 14ft Disk–15 1/4” front disk blades, 16” rear disk blades, 235/75R15 tires; John Deere 10ft Disk–17” disk blades, 7.00-15 tires; 10ft Pull Type Disk–78-15 tires, 15” front disk blades, 16” rear disk blades


Disk Ripper: John Deere 512 17ft 6” 7 Shank Disk Ripper–SN:N00512X012789, 280/70R15 tires, 23” rear disk blades, 21 1/4” front disk blades, hydraulic fold rear wings


Field Cultivators: John Deere 875 6row30 Field Cultivator–SN:N00875X001443, 3pt; White 378 6row30 Cultivator–SN:300452, 3pt; White 378 6row30 Cultivator–SN: 44721, 3pt; Case International 183 12row30 Field Cultivator–SN: JAG0029622, 3pt


Grain Drill: John Deere 8300 12ft Grain Drill–SN:016764, 7.50-20 tires, 7” spacing


Sprayers: 2002 Hardi 1000 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer –90ft booms, 540 pto, 13.6-38 tires, Hardi HC2500 controller included, 4 section shut offs, sprayer was always stored inside

Demco Approx 150 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer–22×11-8 flotation tires, 30ft booms, one pull Honda motor, hand wand included, electric shutoff valves, sprayer can be filled from the bottom, pump and motor both work good, sprayer was always stored inside, sprayer was always used behind a fourwheeler

Ag Chem 750 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer–SN:P97049, hydraulic driven pump, 12.5L-15 tires, controller included, approx 60ft booms

Fimco 30 Gallon Pull Type Sprayer–12 volt pump, hand wand


Spray Trailer: Approx 57” x 10ft Spray Trailer w/ 200 Gallon Tank–5.5hp motor/pump, spray wand included, 7.00-16 tires

Bestway 1600 Gallon Pull Type Spray Tank/Water Trailer–SN:34037AI, tandem axle, 11-22.5 tires, 3” plumbing, Honda GX160 motor, 30ft of hose


Manure Spreaders: Roorda 180 Bushel Manure Spreader–SN:372269, Metal floor, 10.00-20 tires, horizontal beaters, 540 pto;

New Holland 185 Manure Spreader–SN:214085, 540/1000 pto, 11R22.5 tires, poly floor, single horizontal beater

Spread All TR22T Manure Spreader–SN:15021924M, tandem axle, 16.00R20 tires, dual horizontal beaters, slop gate, poly floor, 1000 pto

Kuhn Knight 1150 Manure Spreader–SN:B0070, 1000 pto, tandem axle, 385/65R22.5 tires, dual horizontal beaters, poly floor

Roda R610 Manure Spreader–SN:24400019, 540 pto, 11L-15 tires


Feeder Wagon: Knight Reel Auggie 3036 Feeder Wagon–SN:0170, 385/65R22.5 tires, 540 pto, Digi Star EZ 150 scale head; Schuler 120B Feeder Wagon–540 pto


Corn Cracker: Farm King Y180 Corn Cracker–SN:24400019, 540 pto, 11L-15 tires


Bale Shredders: Haybuster 256 Plus Bale Shredder– SN:FT2726, 1000 pto, 11L-15 tires, this shredder has had new hammers in 2021; Hay Buster 2650 Bale Shredder–1000 pto, 12.5L-15 tires


Flare Box/Barge Wagons–Approx 64” x 10ft Metal Flare Box–6 bolt running gear, wood floor, hydraulic hoist; Approx 69” x 10ft Metal Barge Wagon–5 bolt running gear, 7.60-15 tires, wood floor, Nobles hydraulic hoist; John Deere 54 1/2” x 127” Flare Box Wagon w/ Seeder–9.5L-14 tires, John Deere 953 6 bolt running gear


Running Gears: Westendorf Approx 52” x 119” Running Gear–5 bolt running gear; John Deere Approx 41” x 128” Running Gear–6 bolt running gear, 205/75R15 tires


Gravity Wagons: Demco 365 Bushel Gravity Wagon-12.5L-16 tires, 8 bolt Demco running gear; Minnesota 400 Bushel Gravity Wagon–16.5L-16.1 tires, Minnesota 12 ton running gear, 8 bolt; Approx 350 Bushel Gravity Wagon–12.5L-15 tires, 6 bolt running gear; Parker 350 Bushel Gravity Wagon–12.5L-15 tires, westendorf 6 bolt running gear; Lundell 300 Bushel Gravity Wagon–Westendorf 5 bolt running gear, 11L-15 tires; Approx 350 Bushel Gravity Wagon–9.5L-14 tires, 6 bolt running gear; Demco 650 Bushel Posi Flow Gravity Wagon-445/65R22.5 tires, 10 bolt rims, front and rear brakes; Demco 365 Bushel Gravity Wagon–SN:3283, 15-22.5 tires, demco 8 bolt running gear; Demco 365 Bushel Gravity Wagon–SN:3743, 385/65R22.5 tires, demco 8 bolt running gear; Parker 625 Bushel Gravity Wagon; Year Around Approx 400 Bushel Gravity Wagon


Silage Wagon: Balzer 80” x 16ft Silage Wagon–540 pto, Balzer 8 bolt running gear, 12.5L-16 tires


Augers: Westfield WR100-31 Auger–SN:154810, 10” x 31ft, manual lift, 540 pto, 205/70R15 tires, hopper included;

Sudenga 6” x 10ft Hydraulic Auger; Feterel 10” x 72ft Auger–SN:G1072GSWA00375, 540 pto, hydraulic swing hopper, hydraulic lift, 9.5L-15 tires;

Feterel 12” x 72ft Auger–SN:W1272CSW0024S, 540 pto, hydraulic swing hppper, hydraulic lift, 12.5L-15 tires;

Approx 6” x 24ft Auger–540 pto, 185/70R14 tires

2013 Harvest International H1072 Auger–SN:04424, hydraulic lift, 540 pto, swing hopper

Harvest International T1032 Auger–SN:04667, 540 pto, 175/80D13 tires, manual lift


Bale Spears: 3pt Bale Spear; 3pt Bale Fork


Rakes: John Deere 4 Bar Side Rake; Sitrex 3pt RP-5 Wheel Rake–SN:167945


Whirly Mowers: Land Pride RCR2572 6ft 3pt Whirly Mower–SN:342270, 540 pto; John Deere 127 5ft Whirly Mower–SN:003, 540 pto, 3pt; Gyro 7ft Whirly Mower–540 pto, 3pt


Disc Mower: New Holland 616 7ft Disc Mower–SN:613693, 3pt, 540 pto; M & W HC601 7ft Disc Mower–SN:10077, 540 pto, 3pt


Hay Merger/Stackers: H & S TWM2 Approx 32ft Hay Merger–SN:102046, 1000 pto, 11L-15 tires


Composter: Kooima Company Trner CT1400 15ft Composter–SN:140012, 445/50R22.5 tires, 1000 pto


Manure Load Stand: AWS 10” x 35ft Manure Load Stand–185/65R15 tires, manual lift


Flatbed: 8ft x 20ft Wood Flatbed–Demco 6 bolt running gear, 9.00-20 tires; 77” x 11ft 4” Wood Flatbed w/ Poly Tank–1250 gallon poly tank, 16 gallon induction cone, Briggs & Stratton 5hp motor, 3” plumbing, 9.5L-15 tires, John Deere 6 bolt running gear with hydraulic hoist; 87” x 16ft Wood Flatbed–Massey Ferguson 5 bolt running gear, 205/70R15 tires


Round Balers: 2016 Case IH RB565 Premium Round Baler–SN:YGN192496, 5802 bales baled, monitor included, 1000 pto, 21.5L-16.1 tires, baler has been completely serviced approx 200 bales ago

2000 Vermeer 5500 Round Baler–SN:1VRV121G1Y1000301, 540 pto, 13.50-15 tires, no monitor included, approx 300 bales on new belts, total number of bales unknown

John Deere 560M Round Baler–SN: 1E0560MDKJK454616, 1000 pto, Titan 21.5L-16.1 tires, approx 22,000 bales baled, John Deere monitor included

John Deere 560R Round Baler–1000 pto, Titan 21.5L-16.1 tires, approx 22,000 bales baled, no monitor included


Square Baler: John Deere 336 Square Baler–26×12.00-12 tires, 540 pto


Round Bale Carts: Westendorf Hay Man Bale Limo Cart–425/65R22.5 tires; 10ft x 20ft Bale Carrier–12.5L-16 tires, Westendorf #20 running gear, 8 bolt running gear


Bulldozers: 1979 Caterpillar D6D Bulldozer–SN:4X3900, This bulldozer has approx. 14,676 hours currently on the machine, this bulldozer was purchased by current owners in 1986 with 8,000 hours, this bulldozer has had the undercarriage rebuilt in 1985, this bulldozer had a in frame overhaul in 1994 at 10,700 hours and new tracks and sprockets in 1995 at 11,386 hours, this bulldozer has also had a new injection pump in 2000 at 12,582 hours, this bulldozer also had the trans cooler replaced in 2016 at 14,422 hours, the steering and brake clutches were adjusted in 2023 at 14,676 hours and were at the end of adjustment, AC needs to be recharged every year, Ziegler has done all the work on this bulldozer singe 1986, 22” wide tracks, 10 1/2ft blade

1976 Caterpillar D6C Bulldozer–SN:10K12197, shows 847 hours not actual, 10ft front blade, 22” wide tracks, caterpillar 3306 engine, this bulldozer has recently been inspected and run/operates good


Dirt Scrapers: 1974 Caterpillar 621B Self Propelled Dirt Scraper–SN:45P712, shows 1816 hours, newer 3406 diesel engine, new batteries, recent oil change, 33.25-29 tires, door included, brakes need work, machine runs/operates good

Caterpillar NO 60 Dirt Scraper–SN:638, 14.00R20 tires;

Caterpillar 2W6031 Dirt Scraper–16.00R21 rear tires, 15.00-20 front tires


Box Scraper: 10ft Pull Type Box Scraper–hydraulic hoses and cylinder included, 195/70R14 tires; Soil Mover P112 12ft Pull Type Box Scraper–SN:1H0-17309, 235/75R15 tires


Single Tooth Rippers: Single Tooth Ripper For Caterpillar; John Deere 3pt Ripper Tooth–SN:1P0022BXCAA003375


Telehandlers: 1998 New Holland LM430 Telehandler–SN:041716154, shows 3631 hours, 17.5L-24 tires, manual quick tach, telehandler has a skidloader adapter plate included, this telehandler has had a engine overhaul approx 150 hours ago and new injectors, 35ft boom height, 3 ton lift

2006 JCB 506CHL Telehandler–SN:SLP5CCJL6E1184198, hours unknown, 6,000kg, lift capacity, 13.00-24 tires, 4ft pallet forks included, runs/drives


Payloader: Volvo L70C Payloader–SN:L70CV12044, number of hours unknown, this payloader has a reman engine put in approx 1 year ago, Titan 20.5-25 tires, 8ft bucket, this payloader has the 3rd function, payloader runs/drives good


Skidloaders: 2016 Bobcat T650 Track Skidloader–SN:ALJG17579, shows 2700 hours, 17 1/2” wide tracks, manual quick tach, 7ft bucket with bolt on cutting edge, hand and foot controls, auxiliary hydraulics

2018 Gehl R105 Skidloader–SN:GHL0R105K0D181609, shows 68.2 actual hours, hand controls, manual quick tach, 27×10.50-15 tires, 59” bucket, auxiliary hydraulics

Caterpillar 279C Track Skidloader–SN:CAT0279CTMBT00337, shows 4327 hours, 17 1/2” wide tracks, auxiliary hydraulics, 2 sets of rear weights, hand controls, 2 speed, power quick tach

Caterpillar 259D Track Skidloader–SN: CAT0259DJFTL23230, shows 2132 hours, 15 1/2” wide tracks, auxiliary hydraulics, 2 speed, hand controls, CAT 6ft bucket, manual quick tac

2011 Terex TSR-60 Skidloader–SN:ASUSR060LDWS00253, Shows 570 hours, hand controls, 2 speed, heat/ac, radio, 67” bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 10-16.5 tires, Perkins 60hp diesel engine, auxillary hydraulics

2012 Case SV250 Skidloader–SN:NCM444606, shows 2438 hours, 12-16.5 tires, 8ft bucket, auxiliary hydraulics, automatic quick tach bucket, 74hp diesel engine

2015 New Holland L228 Skidloader–SN: NFM411189, Product ID #JAF0L228PFM411189, shows 1050 hours, air ride heated cloth seat, hyd quick tach, hand/foot controls, 2 speed, aux hyd, heat and a/c, fully operational, just fully serviced


Skidloader Push Blade: Skidloader 86 1/2” Hydraulic Push Blade


Skidloader Dirt Buckets: 2-80″ Legend Skidloader Bucket; 2-72″ Legend Skidloader Buckets


Skidloader Brush Bucket: 2023 Wolverine 80” Skidloader Brush Bucket


Skidloader Brush Hog Mowers: 2-2023 Wolverine 72” Skidloader Brush Hog Mower


Skidloader Sweep Bucket: 2023 Wolverine 86” Skidloader Brush/Sweep Bucket


Skidloader Tree Puller: Skidloader Hydraulic Tree/Brush Puller


Skidloader Grapple Buckets: Stout Skidloader 72” Brush Grapple Bucket–8” spacing; Stout Skidloader 62” Brush Grapple Bucket–3” spacing, cylinder shields; Stout Skidloader 78” Brush Grapple Bucket–3” spacing, cylinder shields; Stout Skidloader 69” Brush Grapple Bucket–3” spacing, cylinder shields; 2023 Wolverine 72” Skidloader Grapple Bucket–SN:ZW-02489, flat bucket; Winter Tech 78” Skidloader Grapple/Manure Bucket–8” spacing


Skidloader Pallet Forks: 3 Sets Of Pallet Forks–not including a skidloader mount; Bierschibach Skidloader Pallet Forks–42″ forks


Skidloader Auger: Lowe 750 Skidloader Auger–10” Auger Bit included


Post Hole Digger: Work Saver 3pt Hydraulic Post Hole Digger–12” auger bit


Scissor Lift: Snorkel SL20 Electric Scissor Lift–20ft lift height, 3 speed, 29 1/2 x 89 1/2” platform


Semi Trucks: 2005 Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck–VIN:1XP-5DB9X-0-5D851574, shows 1,259,449 miles, 18 speed Eaton Fuller transmission, radio, sleeper, heat/ac, Cat C15 engine, 11R22.5 tires, this semi has a major engine overhaul and new transmission with only 38,000 miles on it!

1999 Ford Sterling LT9511 Truck w/ Snow Plow & Sander–VIN:2FZNNWCB1XAA85510, shows 127,615 miles (389,729 actual miles), Eaton Fuller RTO 10 speed manual transmission, Raven 8ft x 15ft aluminum box with hoist, Monroe snow and ice control box spreader, 11R22.5 tires, Henderson tapered 9ft side snow wing blade and a Little Falls 31212ft front one way snow plow, 335HP Cat C12 Diesel engine, Hendrickson 40,000lbs rear suspension, full locking axles

1997 Ford LT 9513 Semi Truck–VIN:1FDZS96W0VVA23009, shows 299,076 miles, GVWR: 56,000lbs, 315/80R22.5 tires, CAT 3406E 335HP diesel engine, tandem axle, 190″ wheel base, 126″ cab to axle, Easton Fuller 10 speed transmission, 4.33 Rockwell rear axle, locking axle, 40,000lbs Hendrickson RT2400 suspension, live continuos pto, this semi truck run/drives good

2007 Peterbilt 387 Semi Truck–VIN:1XP-7D49X-07D685211, shows 1,037,000 miles, GVWR: 48,000lbs, new fifth wheel, new ac, newer tires, new king pins, 11R22.5 tires, bunk bed sleeper, Cummins diesel engine

1987 International COF9670 Semi Truck–VIN:1HTRH0000FHB22888, shows 580,799 miles, Eaton Fuller 8 speed manual transmission, sleeper, 11R24.5 tires, 350 Cummins engine, new alternator, newer drive tires, this truck has had a recent full service including oil change and filters, GVWR: 80,000lbs

2004 Columbia Freightliner Semi Truck–VIN:1FUJA6CV04LL97301, shows 189,562 miles, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, cloth interior, 295/75R22.5 tire, 410hp Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, GVWR: 52,000lbs

2006 Sterling AT9500 Semi Truck–VIN:2FWJA3CK16AV96829, shows 745,581 miles, 11R22.5 tires, wet kit, Detroit 60 14.0L diesel engine, 10 speed transmission

2008 International 9200 Semi Truck–VIN; 2HSCEAPR28C646659, shows 506,560 miles, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, sleeper, radio, GVWR: 52,000lbs, Cummins ISX diesel engine, 11R22.5 tires


Semi Dump Trucks: 1984 International S1754 Dump Truck–VIN:1HTLCHYP6EHA51442, shows 73,312 miles(not actual), Spicer 5 speed manual transmission with 2 speed , 10.00R20 tires, Crysteel 7ft x 10ft box with 34” tall sides with a 6 cubic yard capacity, international  9 liter 180hp diesel engine, Coats TA130-T0 front attachment truck mount, GVWR: 28,000lbs, 152″ wheel base, Crysteel S-50-30 12 ton hoist, Morris control cables, this semi truck runs/drives good

1988 Ford L9000 Dump Truck w/ HTC Conveyor–VIN:1FDYU90X3JVA20607, shows 473,755 miles, 8 speed manual trasmission, GVWR: 54,000lbs, 11R22.5 tires, tandem axle, approx 7ft x 15ft box with 47” tall sides, HTC 1800 Gravel conveyor


Semi Silage Truck: 2000 International 8100 Silage Semi Truck– VIN:1HTHBATN51H377410, shows 96,163 miles (not actual), Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, Meyer Boss 8122 102” x 22ft silage box, tandem axle, 295/75R22.5 tires, CAT C10 diesel engine

1982 Ford L8000 Silage Truck–VIN:1FDYU82A5NVA30242, shows 159,246 miles, automatic transmission, 11R22.5 tires, 19ft long box with grain gates, tandem axle, GVWR: 46,00lbs, 7.8L Ford Motor, Scott L3000 hoist

1990 Kenworth Silage Truck–VIN:1XKDD58X0MJ560870, shows 496,919 miles, Eaton fuller manual transmission, 11R22.5 tires, Cummins LTA10 diesel engine, HMI Silage Box with end gate, tag axle, GVWR: 46,000lbs


Semi Feed Truck: 1997 Ford Feed Truck–VIN:1FDYW86F5WVA36303, number of miles unknown, Eaton Fuller 9 speed transmission, GVWR: 54,600lbs, Sudenga 20ft feed box, 10” auger, manual roll tarp, CAT 3126 diesel engine


Semi Side Dump Trailers: 1998 Smith Co Approx 34ft Semi Side Dump Trailer–VIN:1S9SS4223WL476363, tandem axle, 295/75R22.5 tires

8ft x 14ft Pull Type Gravel Pup Trailer–49” tall sides, tandem axle, 10.00-20 tires, metal floor

2008 Smith Co 9708 32ft Semi Side Dump Trailer–VIN:1S9SS41298L47612, GVWR: 73,920lbs, tandem axle, 11R22.5 tires, Sidekick automatic roll tarp, this trailer has recently had a new air valve, new tarp and had new steel liner inside the trailer


Semi Enclosed Trailer: 1995 Great Dane 102” x 53ft Semi Trailer–VIN:1GRAA0629TB101384, GVWR: 65,000lbs, tandem axle, 295/75R22.5 tires


Semi Grain Trailer: 1976 Timpte 8ft x 40ft Grain Trailer–VIN:39916, GVWR: 66,000lbs, tandem axle, manual roll tarp


Semi Flatbed Trailer: 1986 Great Dane 8ft x 35ft Semi Flatbed Trailer–VIN:1GRDM8022GM002217, tandem axle, 11R24.5 tires

2007 Reitnouer 99” x 53ft Semi Dropdeck Flatbed Trailer–VIN:D53A2X8R021060, GVWR: 20,000lbs, tandem axle, 275/70R22.5 tires, top deck is 10 1/2ft long

Great Dane Approx 107” x 49ft Semi Flatbed Bale Trailer–tandem axle, 11R22.5 tires


Semi Reefer Trailer: 2016 Great Dane 53ft Reefer Semi Trailer–VIN:1GRAA0625GW702225, GVWR:68,000lbs, tandem axle, 11R22.5 tires, Thermo King SR4 Smart Reefer controller, reefer is a Thermo King Model 600 President


Semi Truck Snow Plows: 1979 Falls 611 12ft Truck Snow Blade–SN:194979; 13ft Truck Snowblade; 1988 Falls 312 12ft Truck Snowblade–SN:2854T38; Wausau DB8661 14ft Truck Plow


Semi Truck Front Mount Broom: 76” Front Semi Truck Mount Broom


Semi Tractor Dolly: Semi Tractor Dolly–10.00-20 tires


Service Trucks: 2009 F550 Super Duty Service Truck–VIN:1FDAW57RX8EE33601, shows 161,548 miles with only 6,750 miles on brand new motor, 500 miles on new transfer case with warranty till the end of 2024, tool boxes, heat/ac, Altec 42ft boom works good, leather interior, 225/70R19.5 tires, 6.4L diesel engine

2003 Ford F550 Dually Flatbed Pickup–VIN: 1FDAF57S03ED74179, shows 175,497 miles, GVWR: 17,500lbs, cloth interior, 8ft x 12ft Everlast Flatbed, 225/70R19.5 tires, heat/ac, recent oil change and service, V10 Tritan motor

2011 Ford F350 Service Truck–VIN:1FT7W3B64CEA51508, shows 171,887 miles, cloth interior, 275/65R18 tires, tonneau cover, radio, ac/heat, 8ft service box, 4×4, this pickup has had the front end rebuilt, new spark plugs, new radiator and water pump all within the last two years, this pickup has also had a recent oil change and service


Car: 2003 Chevy LS Trail Blazer–VIN:1GNDT13S532367908, shows 264,398 miles, 4×4, radio, cloth interior, 245/70R16 tires, 4.2L engine, automatic transmission


Pickups: 1986 Ford F350 Gas Dually Pickup–VIN:1FDKF37L6GKB25314, shows 18,670 miles (actual miles 118,670 hours), 4 speed manual transmission, leather interior, GVWR: 11,000lbs, 460 gas engine, 88” wide x 11ft long bed, 5th wheel plate, 235/85R16 tires, power steering, 38 gallon fuel tank, starter is not good and the pickup has not ran for a couple years

2006 GMC 3500 Duramax Diesel Dually Pickup–VIN:1GTJK33D76F201611, shows 227,681 miles, cloth interior, approx 93” x 8ft flatbed with toolboxes, 215/85R16 tires, Allison transmission, 6.6L diesel engine, GVWR: 11,400lbs

1998 Ford F150 Pickup–VIN:1FTZF18W6WKA97836, shows 170,286 miles, cloth interior, automatic transmission, 4×4, 8ft bed, 235x70R16 tires, 4.6L Triton V8 engine

1997 Ram 2500 Pickup–VIN:3B7KF26W7WM221194, shows 187,917 miles, GVWR: 8800lbs, cloth interior, 4×4, Dodge Magnum 8L V10 engine, approx 300 fuel tank included, 5th wheel plate

2004 Ford F250 Lariat Pickup–VIN:1FTSW21P25EA78062, shows 203,336 miles, 5th wheel, 265/70R17 tires, Power Stroke V8 diesel engine, GVWR:10,000lbs, 7ft bed

2004 Ford F350 Pickup–VIN:1FTNW21508EA87380, shows 243,031 miles, heat/ac, 4×4, like new Firestone 265/75R16 tires, 5th wheel plate, cloth interior, new transfer case shift motor 3 months ago, V10 gas engine, GVWR:8,800lbs

2001 Ford F250 XLT Pickup–VIN:1FTNX21S01EC77863, shows 94,182 actual miles, 4×4, radio, heat/ac, V10 triton engine, GVWR: 8,800lbs, 265/75R16 tires, tonneau cover


Enclosed Trailer: 2012 Stealth Liberty Limited 7ft x 12ft Enclosed Trailer–VIN:52LBE1210DE015249, GVWR: 2990lbs, single axle, 205/75R15 tires, wood floor, this trailer has a upgraded RV door w/ window screen, 15″ x 30″ windows in rear doors, 2-30″ x 30″ windows on each side of the trailer, this trailer has a insulated ceiling and insulated side walls, 110 volt package with a 110 volt base board heater and an extra 110 volt wall receptacle, this trailer also has a roof vent


Flatbed Trailers: 2022 Midsota 7ft x 24ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:5JWBS312XPA108094, GVWR:17,600lbs, tandem axle, 215/75R17 tires, flip down ramps, all lights work

Approx 101 1/2” x 40ft Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer–5ft beaver tail, flip down ramps, tandem axle, Badland ZXR 12,000lbs winch, 235/85R16 tires, 6,000lbs axles

83” x 18ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed–16ft flatbed with 2ft beaver tail, tandem axle, 225/75R15 tires, flip down ramps

2001 Load Trail 83” x 14ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:4ZECF142311145246, tandem axle, 235/75R15 tires, ramps included, spare tire

1999 LOTR 76 1/2” x 10ft Bumper Hitch Utility Trailer–VIN:4ZECF182X1131302, 2” ball, 175/80R13 tires

2019 DCT 88” x 29 1/2ft Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer–VIN: 576GF283XK1033944, GVWR: 21,000lbs, triple axle, 4 1/2ft beaver tail, flip down ramps, 235/85R16 tires

2021 H & H 87” x 20ft Bumper Hitch Flatbed Trailer–VIN:5HWUT2024NR559246, GVWR:7,000lbs, flip down ramp, tandem axle, 13” tall side, 205/75R15 tires


Livestock Trailers: Kiefer 94” x 16ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–tandem axle, 9.50-16.5 tires, wood floor, center gate

2000 Titan 8ft x 16ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer–VIN:4TGG16202Y1015084, GVWR: 10,160lbs, tandem axle, 225/75R15 tires, wood floor, center gate


Boats: Alumcraft 16ft Fishing Boat–Mercury 115 engine, Hummingbird 898C GPS fishing system, 175/80D13 tires

1999 Mariah Z212 Boat–737 hours, 21 1/2ft total length, 20.9ft if do not include the back deck, Shabah package, 350 Mag merc cruiser engine, bravo one lower unit, captain call, radio does not work, speakers do work, 10 passenger, air horn does not work(current owner uses a handheld horn), tandem axle prestige trailer, low miles on the tires, 205/75R14 tires, boat-us-mab17901b999, spare tire, runs good, current owner has owned this boat for approx 15 years

8ft x 16ft Pontoon w/ Trailer–Evinrude 35hp engine, not currently running


Fourwheeler/UTV: Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Fourwheeler–shows 2409 miles, 25×10-12 tires, winch, 4×4;

Kawasaki 610 Mule–shows 1292 hours, 4×4, 24×9.00-10 tires, 38” x 44” box, mule is currently not running

Artic Cat 400 Fourwheeler–Shows 3514 miles, 4×4, currently not running

Polaris Sportsman 850 Fourwheeler–Shows 2918 miles, 26×8.00R14 tires, 4×4, winch, power steering, no title or registration


Machinery Trailer: John Deere 8ft x 28ft Machinery Trailer–205/75R15 tires, needs new floor


Storage Containers: 2-2024 8ft x 20ft Storage Containers; 2-2021 8ft x 40ft Storage Containers


Poly Tank: 1250 Gallon Poly Tank


Fuel Barrel: 500 Gallon Diesel Barrel–Tuthill pump


Drags: 6-5 1/2ft Drag Sections


Head Cart: Approx 20ft Head Cart–7.60-15 tires, 5 bolt running gear


Lawnmowers: John Deere Z850A Zero Turn Lawnmower–SN:TC850AV010173, shows 435 hours, 31hp motor, 72” deck, curb assist lift

Ferris IS 3200Z Zero Turn Lawnmower–shows 471 hours, Briggs & Stratton 896cc motor, 62” deck

John Deere X540 Riding Lawnmower–SN:M0X540A011813, Shows 825 hours, 52” deck brand new in 2022, John Deere 26hp engine

John Deere D130 Riding Lawnmower–Shows 218 hours, John Deere 22HP motor, 36” deck, new blades and battery

John Deere Z997R Diesel Zero Turn Lawnmower–SN:TCU33139JD, shows 570 hours, 72” deck, John Deere diesel engine

John Deere F680 Zero Turn Lawnmower–SN: TCF680X011355, shows 249 hours, 52” deck, Kohler engine

Cub Cadet Commercial Zero Turn Lawnmower–shows 371 hours, Kawasaki FX801V motor, 72” deck


Livestock Chute: Approx 29” x 104” Portable Livestock Chute–215/75R14 tires, palpation cage


Water Pump: General Motors Portable Water Pump–Shows 3008 hours, 43HP engine, hoses and fittings included


Air Compressor: Le Roi 170 Diesel Air Compressor–Wabco D226 diesel engine, 235/75R15 tires, 2 hose reels, this air compressor has not been used for several years but ran good when last used


Vibration Roller: 1977 Mikasa MDR-7A Double Vibration Roller–SN:F5333, Wisconsin Robin EY27W 7.5hp gas motor, drum width is 23″ and overal width is 28″, Centrifugal force is 5,500lbs, 4000 vibrations per minute, water tank capacity is 6 gallons


Wood Chipper: 1991 Vermeer 1250 Wood Chipper–Shows 589 hours, Perkins diesel engine, 235/85R16 tires, 42 x 1 1/2″ disc, 4 cutter knives, 30 gallon fuel tank, 11 gallon oil tank, 45 degree pivoting hydraulic and adjustable length tongue, 12″ x 12″ infeed capacity, infeed table is 48″ x 94″, batteries are currently dead and has not run for a couple years but ran good when it was last used


Cultipackers: 70” Long Pull Type Cultipacker; 9ft 10” Long Pull Type Cultipacker; 9ft 6” Pull Type Cultipacker; 2-4ft Pull Type Cultipackers


Snowblowers: 8ft 3pt Snowblower–540 pto; Schweiss 8ft 3pt Snowblower–540 pto


Creep Feeder: Apache 90” Long Creep Feeder–SN:0512497, gates included, 9.5L-15 tires


Cattle Shed: T & T 12ft x 40ft Cattle Shed


Cattle Shades: 3 Cattle Shades w/ Stands


Cattle Panels: 100-23ft 8” Long Free Standing Cattle Panels


Feed Bunks: 4-36 1/2” x 20ft Metal Feed Bunks


Cattle Fountains: Ritchie 1000 Cattle Fountain–38” x 40” x 26” tall; 12-Ritchie Cattle Fountain–28” wide x 92” long x 22” tall


Loading Chutes: 33 1/2” x 128” Portable Wood Loading Chute


Working Chutes: 8ft Long Hydraulic Chute–Marathon 3hp motor, single phase, 230 volt, metal floor;

Forever Products Cattle Working Corel–8ft wide;

Approx 21ft Long Squeeze Chute–205/75R15 tires, manual head gate

21ft Long Strong Hold Working Chute w/ Corral Area–Electric raise and lower, manual head gate, corral area with panels, 235/80R16 tires


C Channel: 48 Pieces Of 3” x 85” Long C Channel; 19 Pieces Of 8” x 69 1/2” C Channel; 11 Pieces Of 8” x 109” C Channel; 7 Pieces Of 8” x 108” C Channel; 16 Pieces Of 8” x 70 1/4” C Channel; 20 Pieces Of 8” x 69 3/4” C Channel


Lumber: Approx 116-2×4’s 16ft Long Lumber; Approx 45-2×10’s 20ft Long Lumber; Approx 60-2×4’s 104 5/8” Long Lumber; Approx 103-2×4’s 92 5/8” Long; Approx 50-2×4’s 104 5/8” Long; Approx 55-2×4’s 104 5/8” Long; Approx 48-2×6’s 104 5/8” Long; Appprox 56-2×6’s 104 5/8” Long; Approx 70-2×6’s 104 5/8” Long; 16ft Wood Decking Package


Trust/Rafters: 10ft to 35ft Trusts; 17-approx 15ft 9” long rafters, 4-approx 14ft 6” long rafters


Door: Approx 39 1/2” x 79” Wood Door & Frame


Shingles: Pallet Of Hickory Shingles; Pallet Of Barkwood Shingles; Pallet Of Fox Hollow Shingles; Pallet Of Mission Brown Shingles; Pallet Of Charcoal Shingles; Pallet Of Weathered Wood Shingles; Pallet Of Shake Wood Shingles; Pallet Of Cottage Red Shingles; Pallet Of Black Shingles


Shingle Elevator: Lift Electric 35ft Shingle Elevator


Steel: Approx 16 Pieces Of 8ft Long Black Steel; Misc Sized Red Steel; 28 Pieces Of 11ft 3″ Long Gray Steel; 34 Pieces Of 15ft 8″ Long Gray Steel


Lights: 14-Fluorescent Hi Brite OF-6-120 Lights–120 volt, 210 watts, lights are 21” wide x 4ft long


Tires: 4-Firestone 245/75R16 Pickup Tires–8 bolt rims; 4-Titan 11L-15 Tires– 6 bolt rims; 2-225/75R16 Tires; 1-HI-RUN 235/80R16 Tire; 4-Good Year 480/80R50 Tractor Tires; 4-Titan 20.8R42 Tractor Tires


Weights: 3 Front Tractor Weights For A Oliver Tractor; 5 Front Suitcase Tractor Weights;  4 sets of IH Rear wheel weights; 4 IH Suitcase Weights; 6 Front Case Magnum Suitcase Weights; 1 Stamped IH Front Suitcase Weight; 7-Minneapolis Moline Rear Wheel Weights; 2 John Deere Starter Weights For A 4020 John Deere Tractor; 2-1720lbs Wheel Weights–Came off a Oliver tractor


John Deere/IH Fenders: 2 IH Fenders; 2-John Deere Fenders


Overhead Door: 8ft x 12ft Overhead Door


Quick Hitch: Agri Quick Hitch; Agri Speed Quick Hitches–5 wagon hitches and 2 tractor hitches


Planter Parts: 24 Smart Boxes For A International 1250 Planter; 16 Smart Boxes For A John Deere Planter; 16 Yetter Trash Whippers


Auto Steering Kit: John Deere 8410 Auto Trac 200 Steering Kit


Power Washer: 2001 Karcher HDS 1000 Power Washer–SN:140233, Max psi 2682, 240 volt


PTO Generator: Onan 25KW Pto Generator–120/240 volt, single phase, 7.50-16L tires


Generators: Honda EU7000 Generator–shows 186 hours, wheels included, generator is in good working condition; Honda EB 10000 Generator–shows 626 hours, cover included


Concrete Tools: 9-Husqvarna 6.5” Soft Cut Saw Blades; 2-Husqvarna 6” Soft Cut Saw Blades; Wacker Neuson Electric Concrete Vibrator; Twin Max RB441T Re Bar Tier; Mikasa MTX-70 Jumping Jack Packer


Concrete Screed: Morrison 32ft A Frame Screed–Honda GX160 motor


Misc: Misc Sized Windows; PTO’s; Approx 35” x 47” 5th Wheel Plate; 3 Rolls Of Manure Hose; Pallet Of Baler Belts; Pallet Of Miracle-Gro Garden Soil; Pallet Of Scott’s Top Soil; Pallet Of Brick Siding/Landscape Rock; 2-Pallets Of Musk Brown Shutters; 29 Pieces Of 20ft Long Norlock Panel; Steel Racking; International Front Mount Fuel Tank; John Deere Tractor Steps; Bottle Jack

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  • Real Estate Agent
Mark Zomer
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