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Buying Farmland

Investing In Land Is A Proven Long Term Solid Investment

If you are looking to purchase a high quality long term investment, farmland has proven to provide a stable long term investment with appreciation and annual income produced. Let one of our professional team members assist you in purchasing your long term investment. Our agents have over 75 years of experience combined and assist our clients with honesty and integrity. Our company has assisted buyers in purchasing multi million dollar parcels of land all the way to smaller plots of land annually.

The Secret is Productivity and Stability

Our professional team has high quality knowledge and experience with understanding soils, productivity, fertility, conservation practices and manages thousands of acres of farmland for several of our clients who have purchased land through our Company.

Our Company of professionals will represent you in purchasing farm ground in the Tri-State area as we represent hundreds of clients each year with experience that matters. Annually we assist several buyers with their purchase including farmers, investors, investment brokers or anyone looking to purchase a high quality high term investment.

Since the 1960s, farmland productivity has nearly tripled. That means that the same acre of land produces three times as much corn as it did in 1960. Those increases in productivity are the results of research and investment from seed companies, equipment manufacturers and universities, and as a landowner, you benefit from those gains in productivity as your land appreciates in value and your annual income increases.

Perhaps more impressive is the consistency of farmland returns over time. While the value of gold or stock markets can go down over 30% or 40% in a single year, farmland returns have been positive every year since 1990. Remember, when owning farmland you have a hard asset that is tangible. It is not a piece of paper that the rest of the world decides what it is worth.

"There is only a limited amount of land available"

Inflation is also a driving factor in farmland as an alternative investment as this also drives higher prices
and as we say limited supply - " there is only a limited amount of land available."

Whether you are a farmer or investor - Farmland remains a proven solid and secure investment.

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