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Testimonials by Our Valuable Auction Customers

I thank everyone at Zomer Company  for doing such a great job of handling my sale including all of you that work behind the scene and all the effort that goes with that part of the auction. Again, I have to thank you for honestly presenting the sale and your polite way of bringing about a reality check when sometimes sentimental values conflict. What a blessing that was to us! All the encouragement when there were hard decisions to be made. The decision to do live and online auction was the best thing for our auction–It really made a difference. My hats off to you all for making the hard calls easy. Not only did you do a great job with the sale, but you also did a great job selling my real estate in Inwood IA! Thanks again and looking forward to working with all of you in the future.

Larry & Marti Fluit

I just wanted to say that I have known Mark for many years and have grown to love the way that he runs his auctions and how he has a great connection with everyone, so when the time came in January to have my auction, it was a no brainer who I was going to call. I just have to say the whole process from start to finish went great! I had a few concerns on different things now and then, but Mark and Karla always were there to assure me that it would all work out and as the auction came and went this weekend by the end of the day all worries were gone. Mark, Karla, Daryl, and the whole Zomer Company staff put on an awesome auction together so that everyone was smiling at the end of the day. If anyone ever has the need for an auction- these are the people you want to do your auction-they came through with every promise they made!! Thanks again Zomer Company Staff for a wonderful experience.

Henry Bakker
Sioux Falls

We are overwhelmed over the outcome of our auction! Thanks so much!! We saw how  Mark Zomer handled a farm sale for friends of ours in 2020. When we decided to sell our farm in 2021, land that had been in our family for over 100 years, we reached out to Mark. Mark is so professional, personable and experienced. We were confident he was who we wanted to take us through this process. Always available to answer our questions and give his insights. He and his team have clearly proven methods to accomplish these land sales! Our family is so grateful that Zomer Company was a part of this huge event in our lives.

The Jansen Ellrich Family Trust (Dave & Marlene)

It was initially overwhelming as to how we would go about selling our homesteaded family farm.  However, from the first meeting with Mark, we knew we had someone very trustworthy and knowledgeable to guide us through.  We appreciated his warm approach in making suggestions in a professional and caring way.   He was always there for questions and concerns and we soon learned that he devotes an enormous amount of hours to taking care of his clients.  He never left our side when we needed his help.  We were so impressed when we were able to see our advertised property on his website, not to mention the booklets and mailings.  Mark and his staff do a wonderful job.  When potential buyers called to see our property, Mark was always right on it, and we enjoyed watching his auctioneering skills the day of the sale!  It was a delight working with such a great guy and would highly recommend him to anyone who asked!

Richard & Peggy Anderson

Working with Mark Zomer on the sale of our century family farm was a delight! Mark was gracious, courteous, and sensitive to our heritage. He worked hard, was thorough in maintaining communication, and knew how best to market our property for public auction. His knowledge of the community helped him prepare the potential buyer’s pool for the sale that brought maximum dollars for the farm. I endorse and highly recommend the services of Mark Zomer!

Curt De Graaf

More often, than not, I struggle when I’m placed in an unfamiliar situation. In 2015, I knew I would have to set up an auction for my father’s estate. I was looking at a large two-story home & a repair shop full of items I couldn’t even describe. I found Mark’s name through a “Google” search & contacted him by phone to see if he would be interested in helping me through this.  Once I explained my situation, I knew immediately that he was just the right person!  He expressed much compassion for my situation & guided me in my lack of knowledge for what I needed to sell.  He was attentive to my needs & made me feel at ease about what was ahead for me.  When I had the opportunity to meet Mark, his wife, Karla & some of his team members, I walked away knowing I no longer had to be concerned about how to handle things.  He laid out every step for me.  I felt so relieved! Mark & his staff did an amazing job of preparing me for the two auctions.

He is very thorough on all aspects of property listings, photos used for advertising, open & honest explanations of the contracts & expertise in setting up the auction. He advised me to call or email at any time if I had questions.  He was very quick responding to my questions. His professionalism, his character strengths & his quick responsiveness to meeting my needs allowed me to always be up-to-date on any next steps. I felt totally “at ease” the day of the auctions. Not only were the auctions a huge success for my father’s estate but Mark’s work didn’t stop when they were over.  He spent an additional two hours after the sale assisting & helping the individuals who had purchased things from the sales.  He helped them get items loaded up on their pickups & trailers. I saw that as an “above & beyond” task that he so willingly offered to do. Everything was “in its place” when the day was over. Mark’s team is amazing!  They know the meaning of “hard” work & don’t stop until the job is done!  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you choose Zomer Company for any of your future needs! Despite the circumstances for his help, I had a wonderful experience!

Sue Schuster
Arnold Schmidt Estate, Sioux Falls, SD

We had a great experience with our on-line toy auction which we had recently. Everyone was helpful and easy to work with and we would strongly recommend  Zomer Company if you are planning an online auction.

online auction

Gary & Lori Coulander

After our parents passed away, we were overwhelmed with the task ahead of us to determine what to do with their household items. We were grateful that someone encouraged us to contact Zomer Company to give us the assistance we needed to make good decisions on how to best handle their possessions in a way that honored their memory. Their staff provided us with wonderful assistance in getting the items ready for an online auction, and the outcome exceeded our expectations. We were so thankful for their professionalism and dedication and have recommended their services to several friends who are facing similar circumstances. 

Rosalyn Wielenga

I believe Zomer Company is out in front of the herd. He promotes Honesty, has expert advice and has results through dedicated service.

Howard Vlieger
Vlieger Farm Supply

Mark, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a great job you did for us in selling our family’s land. You were extremely responsive and things were done right every time. You were upfront with what the costs would be. Your use of all types of advertising helped to get the word out about the land. With your expertise and prodding on the sidelines, were able to get top dollar for our land. Thanks again for your help and guidance.

Rick Lyftogt for the Gary B Lyftogt Family trust

Selling our small Sioux County farm and personal property at auction was a difficult decision and a stressful time (as it would be for anyone) – and Mark Zomer understands this. We cannot say enough good things about Mark and the entire Zomer Company team and how they guided and supported us through the process. We valued Mark’s expertise and carefully followed his guidelines to prepare our property for the auction sale and we attribute the success of our sale to Mark’s knowledge and experience. From beginning to end, we were confident that the Zomer Company team handled all paperwork and related details in a timely manner with the highest integrity and careful attention to detail. We highly recommend Mark Zomer and his team to anyone contemplating such a sale.

Melissa O’Rourke, Attorney –and– Farm & Agribusiness Management Specialist
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Zomer Company sold farmland for my family and I. We were so satisfied with their performance, I asked them if they would manage other property for us. This property had been managed by a late uncle and needed some improvements. Mark advised me about the improvements needed and then helped me find the right people for the task of improving the property. With these improvements, Mark told me I would increase the value of the land and increase the productivity of the land which would increase the revenue. Mark then took care of signing all leases and worked closely with the tenant. If only all other businessmen in America had “his work ethics”. I am glad to call Mark Zomer a friend and business partner.

Michael Ahders–Phoenix AZ


Just wanted to say thank you again for the great job selling our families farmland. From my first visit with you I was impressed with how you had researched the farm and had already formulated a plan. I felt like I was dealing with an honest, knowledgeable, and sincere professional. From start to finish you and your team did a tremendous job and our family was very pleased with the final auction price we received. I truly felt like I was dealing with a friend by the time everything was completed.

Dennis Jamtgaard

Deciding to sell a family farm is a tough decision; choosing the right person to sell it was easy. Mark Zomer of Zomer Company exceeded all our expectations, which were quite high based on the glowing references from former clients. During the year and a half leading up to our sale, we got to know Mark very well through numerous conference calls with family members. His work ethic is amazing, and his honesty, integrity, attention to detail and great advice throughout the process confirmed that we had made the right choice. Everything happened on auction day exactly as he had described it would and we were very happy with results. It was the largest financial decision we ever made as a family and Mark repaid our trust with a fantastic farewell to a farm that had been in the family for over 115 years. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Cain Family LLC

I can’t thank Mark Zomer at Zomer company enough for his help in selling a parcel of my wife’s family’s farmland. Mark was sensitive to my concerns as it had to be split three ways with me and the two sisters. He met with all of us to come to an agreement. Although it was not easy, his patience, understanding, compassion, and expertise gave us the confidence that it would be done fairly, and it was. I had never been to an auction and did not know the work involved in putting it all together. He always made himself available to give me advice and encouragement when I called. Mark was always open and honest in explaining the next steps. On the day of the auction, it was a cold day and Mark came and sat with me in the car before it started. His words brought peace to stressful me. Mark’s caring ways and kindness were greatly appreciated.

Jerry D. Dirks

When we made the hard decision to sell our small farm and relocate to northeast Iowa, we never considered calling anyone else to assist us with the process – and we were not disappointed. The Vande Vegte & Zomer reputation is well-deserved. From our very first meeting with Mark and Ryan, through the open houses, auction preparation, and closing, Mark and his team handled everything. We benefited from Mark’s experience by listening to his advice on getting our place ready to sell. Our sincere thanks to Mark, Ryan, Karla, Gary and Darrell for walking with us every step of the way.

Joe Skoda, US Postmaster, Rock Valley (Retired)

Mark Zomer, Darrell Vande Vegte and staff at Zomer Company assisted our family in selling our farmland in Lyon County. With his expertise and knowledge of farmland, Mark was able to advise me of the process of selling the property. Mark always explained in great detail and leaving “no stone unturned” made sure I was aware of all aspects of the auction process. As time progressed towards the auction date, I felt more and more confident Mark knew what he was doing and was a professional expert at farmland auctions. Mark and Darrell and the excellent buyers we had to work with gave our family a privilege of a new record price for Lyon County when our property sold for $16,000.00 dollars per acre. I would strongly recommend Zomer Company to any of my friends, family, or acquaintances.

Virgil Ahders Family – Phoenix, AZ

I knew Mark Zomer was a great guy because my Dad, Harold De Graaff regarded him so highly. But I had never before witnessed his expertise in the auction world. It was inevitable to my brothers and me that we would have to sell, but it was not obvious to me who we would go with to sell the land. After Mother passed away, I had no clue what do but my parents Trust advisor told me in no uncertain terms “The only way to go is to go with Mark Zomer and an auction. He is the BEST.” Then when my brothers arrived and we met with my parent’s lawyer, he said in no uncertain terms “In this area, you need to have an auction and get Mark Zomer – He’s the best, highly regarded throughout the midwest, and the most respected locally.” So my brothers and I set up a visit with Mark. We had a very very short window of time to work with and many decisions to make. In a very short time, Mark and his team had put together packets for each of us showing us the land quality, assuring us they knew it would go well as the land had been in the family for centuries with the original name on the abstract being Ulysses S. Grant.

Mark showed us other details about our farmland including how well the land had been cared for. Mark knew all of that.. then he told us about the opportune time to sell and still give adequate time to show proper respect to mother’s passing… We discussed our own time constraints and Mark listened. It became VERY CLEAR to my brothers and me that we wanted Mark Zomer to do the auction… the decision was unanimous. It was not shy of a miracle that we had attained the services of “THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS” in a relatively short amount of time. Mark Zomer is genuine, kind, friendly, considerate, informative, caring to the nth degree, available, is an excellent auctioneer, does high-quality work, professional in doing meticulous paperwork even at the high-stress time of sale – double checks his work, with everything done decently and in order. My brothers and I are so thankful to Mark Zomer for his outstanding service and professionalism in honoring the De Graaff family and the land as it was presented for auction that day. We have no question that we did the right thing and went with the right guy.

Sharla Brammer

Once the dust settled after our mother passed away in the early spring of 2012, the question was asked of us, “are you going to sell the farm or keep it? Our first thoughts were to keep it of course, but after some careful soul searching within our family, the decision was made to sell. We had made a couple of appointments with auctioneer/realtors, but after our first meeting with Mark and Darrell, it was very clear that these were the guys to work with. They were no pressure, but also no-nonsense people who were very sensitive to our recent loss, but also very honest with their thoughts and opinions. To say they under-promised and over-delivered and over-achieved would be a huge understatement. They were very professional in the process, but also very compassionate to our thoughts and feelings. The work they did behind the scenes was incredible and thorough. They have a huge following of potential buyers and work very hard to bring them to the table. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for an auctioneer in our general geographic area.

Donnie Miller for the family of Donna Miller

It was a fiercely cold and windy day in early Nov. when Mark Zomer auctioned our land in Sioux County, Iowa. But the weather didn’t dampen Mark’s enthusiasm as he greeted potential bidders, as well as the on-lookers. Nor was Mark’s enthusiasm waning when he started the auctioning process. The sale went superbly well. Because we live out of state, all of our communication relating to selling the land was by phone or e-mail. Mark clearly explained the entire process of selling our land and treated us with genuine interest and respect. From start to finish, Mark could not have been more helpful. Mark Zomer and his entire team are the best. Thank you, Mark, and your team, for a satisfying and memorable experience.

Pete & Bernice Rynders, Michigan

After our dear mother passed away we knew eventually our brother’s lease on our farm would end. With many siblings, we knew they wouldn’t all want to keep our farm. That day came after being in our family for many years, the farm was going up for sale. The trustees were advised by our lawyer that Zomer Company were the BEST and an interview with Mark was set up. He explained things so very clearly. The trustees hired him. The day arrived,( with bitter-sweet feelings) us girls had never been to a land auction before. Mark greeted us and introduced us to his staff. As the bidding took place, we were totally amazed by Mark’s determination to get the best price. A bitter-sweet day was so much easier because of Mark and his staff’s kindness and caring for us. Thank you  Zomer Company and staff…Jim Kruse—Ginger ( Hofstra) Van Roekel-Audrey (Hofstra) Zoet

Children of Marian B. Kruse Estate

Our company considered the idea of having an auction this spring, of a selection of equipment types to fit the season. We interviewed multiple auction firms. The interviews yielded one clear choice. Zomer Company. Mark and his team were clear, concise, diligent, informative, efficient, not only with us, but with each and every potential buyer who contacted them. Their marketing presence gave us exposure to our existing client base and to all other livestock equipment users with the auction producing buyers from multiple states. We were very pleased with the performance and net results of our auction conducted by Zomer Company.

Ron Hulshof, Chairman/CEO
Sioux Automation Center, Inc.

Our mother passed away and after months of anguish, the decision was made to sell the family farm. This farm was in our family for at least a hundred years and it was so hard to let it go. We visited with two other auctioneers and after interviewing Mark Zomer, we knew he was the right person for us. He understood what we were going through and how difficult it was for us. He handled all our questions and concerns with compassion and listened carefully to our wants and needs. Mark took over the reins and made suggestions to have several things done that we would have never thought of, did all the advertising, drone flyovers of the land, made sale booklets, took the abstracts to Orange City and so many other things.

He was available at all times to talk with us or take potential buyers out to the farm. He gave up so much of his own family time to make sure that the sale would go smoothly and for that, we can’t thanks him enough. Mark is very knowledgeable of the area, so all of this was handled teleconferences. My sister and I decided to personally meet and visit with Mark a few weeks before the sale and he spent an entire afternoon with us. We went through all the things he had done and then he took us on a tour of the farm and the surrounding area that brought back many great memories. The sale went extremely well and we had a wonderful turnout. If you ever need an auctioneer that goes above and beyond for their clients, then Mark Zomer and his staff are the ones for you. Mark is the best in our books and we would never hesitate to hire him again if needed. Thanks, Mark!

Deb Nielsen & Cathy Evanson
Darlene Steinfadt Trust

Mark Zomer, Darrell Vande Vegte at Zomer Company were extremely helpful in guiding us every step of the way. They helped us appraise the property, make preparations for our auction, and with great concern and helpfulness, arranged to sell some of our Dad’s farmland and the home. Mark and the company promptly returned phone calls. Their entire staff was efficient and professional. We felt comfortable and confident in the way they did business.

Mike Kerkvliet & Alice Child

I would like to thank Mark and his staff for doing an outstanding job on our land sale. From the first meeting discussing our options to the final closing, he was fantastic to work with. He was there every step of the way to answer questions and handle any issues that came up. I would highly recommend his services and would utilize him in the future.

Mark Vanden Berge

Auctions are my hobby. Love to go to ’em and have had several of my own. Mark’s job selling my parent’s home and acreage was terrific. Why? He knows how to pace an auction, how to give bidders time to think. Not to mention he is one of the most optimistic friendly people I’ve encountered. Do not fret about this auctioneer decision-just call Zomer.

Craig Lawrence
Lawrence & Schiller Advertising Firm-Sioux Falls SD

It was a difficult decision to sell a parcel of our farmland since it has been in my wife’s family for over a hundred years. Mark was sensitive to our concerns and needs through the wholesale process. We had considered another auction company, but Mark presented some very logical reasons for going with his team, and are glad that we did. To say the results were fantastic would be putting it mildly. We would definitely go to Zomer Company with a future sale, should we have one.

John J. & Theresa Pease

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