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1300 Head Sow Unit Site For Sale Located North Of Remsen, IA!!

10728 Quartz Ave
  • Remsen
  • Plymouth County

1300 Head Sow Unit Site For Sale Located North Of Remsen, IA!!


Property Address: 10728 Quartz Ave., Remsen. IA 51050


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General Description: This high quality property represents an outstanding 1,300 head Sow Unit site. This site has been meticulously maintained and is superior quality. This site includes (3 barns) with barn #1 having 208 farrowing crates, barn #2 having 654 gestation crates and barn #3 having 414 gestation crates. This property consist of approx. 13.66+/- total acres. This site is served by rural water.  This property also consists of a 25ft x 29ft non insulated garage, 40ft x 48ft machine with 2-14ft overhead doors, and a 23ft x 100ft Isolation barn with Thorpe feeders, nipple waterers, partial slats, 2 tandem bins and a 250 gallon propane tank.  If you are looking to expand your livestock operation you will not want to miss this property as sow units of this nature are hard to find! This property offers many possibilities.


Barn #1: This barn is approx. 73ft x 172ft and is a farrowing barn built in 1998. This barn has had new roof approx. 5 years ago. This barn has 8 total rooms with 26 crates per room. Farrowing crates in this facility are solid rod crates with fiber glass flooring and supports and Phason ventilation controllers. This facility also is cooled with water/cooling cells. This facility has been well maintained and operational until recently. This building also consist of a 16ft x 19ft breakroom with 2 fridges and a stove, a 8ft x 12ft office, 2 restrooms, laundry room with dryer and washer, and 4 showers.


Barn #2: This building is approx. 80ft x 176ft and was used for gestation and was built in 1998. This barn has a total of 654 crates. This barn has a pull plug system with a 2ft pit draining to a lagoon.


Barn #3: This barn is a 60ft x 210ft was used for gestation and was built in 1994. This barn has a total of 414 crates. This barn has a pull plug system with a 2ft pit. These buildings and crates are well maintained and this property could be fully operational or utilized for other uses.


Included Property: This property includes a Katolight 200KW generator with 1,935 hours. This property also includes 3-300 gallon diesel barrels, a Alladin 16-430-SS Hot/Cold water power washer and this power washer is a 3,000 psi, 4 GPM and is a single phase. This power washer system can be utilized in all three barns. This site also includes Agri Alert 800 Ez Alarm system. This property also has 1-400,000 gallon cement lagoon and 1-1,000,000 gallon cement lagoon.

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 Willow Valley Pork Inc—Seller


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